Mooching is Hard Work, Michelle Announces Next Lavish Vacation!


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Just back from Hawaii, with a ski vacation over Presidents Day weekend, it’s been almost three weeks since Mooch and Co. have had any real relaxation on the taxpayer’s dime.

When the urge hits, you just got to go, so the next Michelle Obama parasitic excursion is in the works. In order to offer at least a minimal appearance of legitimacy, the trip has been given a theme. The week-long trip to China will be marketed to the taxpayers as involving education. Education is good, nobody with a conscience can object to education, except maybe racist Republicans. Have a great time girls.

Their latest taxpayer-funded extravaganza covers the week of March 19-26. The wife and daughters of the occupier of the White House will begin their trip with several days in Beijing and then trek to Xian and Chengdu.

No free vacation would be complete without visiting cultural and historical sites, so the Obamas have that on their itinerary. They also included two obligatory stops at high schools, in Beijing and Chengdu. Legitimacy is now firmly attached.

While visiting the schools, maybe Mooch could try forcing some of her inedible lunches down the throats of the Chinese students. Better not, that’s the kind of thing that could spark an international incident.

Michelle will also meet with communist leaders in the person of both the Chinese first lady as well as the general secretary of the Communist Party. Maybe she could pick up a few pointers on how to run things in the new “fundamentally transformed” America.

It must be nice to have an endless stream of lavish vacations paid for by people who can’t afford to take one themselves. Would it be asking too much of the Chinese people just to keep her?

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