No doubt that immigration is a big issue and that there are many angles to this. After all, we have seen the Senate pass an immigration reform bill that the House finds too lenient (too much amnesty, among other points). Now, the House wants to attack immigration reform in a piecemeal effort, which is unlikely to win the support of the Senate who just wants to be done with the thing and move on.

According to some new reports and current statistics, the Republicans are right to call the whole immigration issue into question. Border Patrol Chief Michael Fisher recently said that his agents had arrested 420,000 illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border in 2013. This marks the second straight year of increases and also indicates that a lot more people are trying to cross over the South Texas border.

Poor Obama. His officials were angry over this admission by the Border Patrol. Why? Because they had not yet determined how they were going to spin these numbers or explain away the glaring contradiction between the actual numbers and the Regime’s claims that illegal immigration is a thing of the past.

We are also seeing that actual immigration enforcement in falling off tremendously in the interior of the country. Despite agents actually arresting many fewer illegals within the United States, removals (i.e. sending the illegals back to their country of origin) have continued declining, dropping more than 35 percent since 2009. Arrests have declined in every part of the country, especially Georgia and the Carolinas, who have seen arrests drop by 62 percent. All of this despite statistics that show the size of the illegal population still holding relatively steady at approximately 11.5 million people. This includes nearly 1 million who have actually been ordered removed at least once, but simply refuse to go since no makes them. By the way, the uncle of our beloved community organizer in chief falls into this category.

So, when the Obama Regime makes their silly claims of ‘record’ deportations and ‘smarter’ enforcement efforts don’t believe them. Nope. Obama is simply using these as talking points to try and get his idea of immigration reform pushed through Congress. He wants amnesty in order to bring more and more of these illegals into the fold of the Democratic Party. This is also why he has ordered agents to literally stop enforcing the immigration rules.

There has even been a lawsuit against the ICE by their own enforcement officers, who are sickened at being ordered to literally NOT do their jobs. The agency itself has been caught red-handed padding their own deportation numbers, taking credit for removing tens of thousands of illegals that were actually arrested by Border Patrol. They were held in ICE detention centers for only a few hours before actually being removed. Sadly, these cases represent about half of all recorded deportations over the last two years.

As you can imagine, the Obama Regime’s deliberate suppression and manipulation of these numbers have given the Republicans less hope of a successful comprehensive immigration reform bill any time soon. What do YOU think? Is the Obama Regime lying to us again? And trying to cover up their own misdeeds by making false claims? Is this just another example of how Obama does business?


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