MORON ALERT: Clinton On Sharpton’s Radio Show… All Cops And Judges Are Racists Against Black Men (Video)



Hillary Clinton went on the Al Sharpton radio show on Sunday and talked about how bad the black man has it here in America… Does she think she’s black? What is she talking about? LMAO! More proof she is extremely desperate. And a full blown LIAR.

To try and get the black vote she spent time with Al ‘PAY YOUR FRICKING TAXES’ Sharpton and proclaimed that the police are all racists. They don’t like blacks! She is so out of line fueling Obama’s race war with her irresponsible garbage.

She also made an appeal for black voters to turn out and help defeat the Republicans, and claimed said wanted to “turn back the clock” on civil rights.

Hey lady. Obama has done a hell of a job turning back that clock. Pure stupidity. And so obvious. It’s called pandering for the black vote.

Okay,  at Right Wing News reports:

During the conversation, she said, “I believe we need to end the era of mass incarceration. If you compare arrest records in, you know, in charging of crimes, in convicting of crimes, in sentencing for crimes, you compare African-America men to white men, it is as unfortunately clear as it could be that there is a bias in favor of white men” who are arrested and charged.

She goes on to praise Obama’s task force on policing “roadmap for reforms.”

Her comments are at about the 25:50 minute mark in the video below…

I watched some of this but couldn’t handle the BS. You’ll probably feel the same.


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