MSM Reporters Ticked After Trump Makes Them Do Something For Christmas Obama NEVER Did


President-elect Donald Trump has already shown the media that this won’t be a President Barack Obama style White House.

Of course, during the holidays there will be the usual decorations and the celebrating of Jesus Christ but there will be one tradition we’ve all seen for the past 8 years that we won’t be seeing during Trump’s presidency- multi million dollar vacations to Hawaii!

I imagine the reporters that covered Obama’s annual vacations are going to be pissed. They will be stuck in Washington covering Trump WORKING! That’s right folks, unlike Obama- Trump is going to work his A$$ off to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Some reporters are in Hawaii covering Obama but those covering President-elect Trump have spent their days recording the comings and goings of corporate executives, Pentagon brass and soon-to-be West Wing staffers as Trump conducts transition meetings from his Palm Beach estate heading into the holidays, Washington Examiner reports.

It’s just the latest sign that Trump plans to do things differently than his predecessor, whose affection for golf outings and leisurely beach trips stands in stark contrast to Trump’s known avoidance of vacations. At the same point in his own transition period, Obama was cloistered in Hawaii with his family and a handful of staff, enjoying time away from the hard work of forming a government.


Trump, who has already pledged to avoid taking “big” vacations in office, has long been critical of Obama’s penchant for leisure.

In 2011, Trump told Fox News he thought Obama “takes more vacations than any human I’ve ever seen.”

During his presidency, Obama took seven summer trips to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. His final jaunt to the tony seaside enclave came at the height of the presidential campaign, when he took two weeks off in August. Trump and other Republicans slammed Obama that month when he refused to cut his vacation short in order to visit flood-ravaged Baton Rouge.

And don’t forget that Trump DIDN’T Take his $400,000 annual salary.

What more could you ask for?


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