URGENT: MSM Silent About MASS WHITE KILLINGS In This Country RIGHT NOW- Here’s What You Need To Know


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The Torture Precedes The Murder: How An Electric Drill Was Used On This Woman

A week ago, a 64 year old white South African woman was brutally tortured by black South Africans that broke into her home while she slept.  She was held down while the intruders used an electric drill to bore holes through the tops of her feet.

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, they found three corpses of her dogs littering her lawn –they had been shot dead by the raiding thugs.  The woman, who was lying in a pool of her own blood, was close to joining her companions in the afterlife.  She had head lacerations, her wrists were sliced, and she had multiple punctures through the tops of her feet.  This is not an abnormal attack.  This is how land-owning whites are treated in South Africa these days.

Paramedics on the scene had to provide CPR repeatedly to resuscitate the woman who was slipping in and out consciousness as she was rushed to the hospital.  The attackers got away and with them went the contents of the woman’s safe, her firearm, and her car.



Seriously, this is very graphic and disturbing. You should look so that you understand fully…but prepare yourself.

Statistics On The Genocide: 46 Attacks Last Month Alone

If you’re shocked to be hearing about this for the first time, then you’re like me.  Until a few weeks ago I hadn’t a clue about how bad it had gotten for white farmers in South Africa.  Here’s a run through of some facts:

  • In 2014 there were 279 farm attacks resulting in 61 fatalities
  • In 2015 there were 270 farm attacks resulting in 62 fatalities
  • In February of this year alone there were 46 attacks and 16 fatalities
  • There have been upwards of 30 murders this year alone

Like I said, this is now the norm in South Africa.  But for some reason these stories seem unable to filter up to the mainstream media outside of the borders of the African nation. Why is that?

Communist Party Of South Africa Encouraging The Genocide

It’s hard to say. What is certain is that there is a devastating problem developing in South Africa and it’s being silenced at the border.  South Africa is currently ruled by the Communist Party under President Jacob Zuma.  Zuma just recently threatened to take land from all the whites in the country and redistribute it to black farmers without compensating the white landowners.  Further adding to the insanity is Julius Malema, who has been rallying blacks in South Africa to take land from the whites: “Our president Zuma said we must expropriate land with no compensation last week. Why are you defying him? You’re defying your president because you only subdue to white rule and will never listen to any view opposing whites. My dear South Africans, wherever you see land that you like, take it!” Malema is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters–a radical and possibly violent political party that he founded in 2013.

Many whites in South Africa now live in poverty.  Their homes are shanty towns.  They are unable to find work, afford healthcare, or even feed their children.  This is largely due to a number of laws passed by the parliament that allowed and even forced businesses to hire blacks instead of whites in order to “compensate” for decades of oppressive working conditions suffered by blacks. Now, thousands of whites live in “squatter camps” while they struggle to survive.

White Farmers Burnt With Blowtorch, Suffocated, And Then Shot In The Head

On February 19th, another elderly woman, Sue Howarth, and her 66 year old partner Robin Lynn were woken by a number of intruders.  They submitted to the demands for money and valuables made by the burglars.  Lynn gave up his wallet and provided his debit card and bank PIN to the attackers.  But that wasn’t the only thing they were after.  They wanted blood.  The men tied up Lynn and Howarth and began stabbing them before torturing them with a blowtorch.  A bag was tied around the head of the female victim and another was stuffed down the throat of the male.  They loaded these two onto the back of a vehicle and drove off some ways before shooting each in the head.  They dumped their bodies on the side of the road.  Amazingly, Lynn survived.

“Genitals Mutilated, Boiled, And Eaten By Attackers” – Petrus Groenewald, Member of Parliament

There is little doubt that these murders are racially motivated and a proto-genocide.  While there are black farmers that are victims of robberies and murders, these people aren’t tortured in the same way. This is not “normal criminality,” one South African member of parliament said in a recent address.  In one case, a murderer took out the testicles of their victim.  They boiled these and then ate them.  “That is the inconvenient truth about these farm murders,” Petrus Groenewald, a member of South Africa’s parliament said with clear distress in his voice.



Two Generations Of White Farmers Wiped Out

Another story from February is equally disturbing.  An 18 year old girl away at college got the news from friends who had heard on the news that her relatives had been murdered.  Her two parents and two grandparents were murdered by attackers.

Voices Of Dissent Are Silenced: Member Of Parliament’s Mic Is Shut Off Mid-Speech


The other day, a black member of parliament decided that enough was enough and began to speak out against the violence.  He criticized the president for his threat to steal land from white landowners and spoke out against the violent rhetoric of Malema.  His name was Lekota. “When the president says the things he says today that which are in conflict with our constitution when he was part of it…and therefore misleading young people to do things that they are doing, I must speak! We cannot keep quiet when honorable Malema.. stands on platforms stands on platforms and swears at some of the sections of the population, threaten them, and say they must wait until he comes to power and that he will walk all over them.  Men and women of backbone must speak! So that our children are not mislead! So that generations to come do not slaughter each other as the houthis and tutsis slaughtered each other in the case of Rwanda”

Shortly after implying that what is happening is a genocide (as was the case in Rwanda), the chairman moved to silence Lekota from finishing his speech and shut his microphone off.  Even when a black man in South Africa tries to tell it, the truth is stamped out.

These stories are countless. You need to hear them. You need to be moved.  Things are guaranteed to get worse before they get better.

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