MSNBC Host Makes Disgusting Statement Live On National Television… Look What He Said



On February 26, MSNBC Terror Analyst Malcolm Nance suggested that teachers are not ready to carry guns and that they would most likely be shot as police entered a building in the case of an attack, Breitbart reports.

As I have stated for years, this isn’t about Ar15’s or any other style of firearm, this is about the 2nd Amendment itself, the left sole desire is to have it abolished.

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Malcolm Nance is nothing more than a anti-firearm puppet who loathes President Trump and is pro Islam.


Stephanie Ruhle and Nance went back and forth discussing the proposed gun laws and how the Democrats do not believe Teachers should be armed.

Ruhle asked Nance what armed teachers would face. He responded by talking about military and police training, then shifted to teachers, saying, “It’s not like the movies. The movies have nothing to do with reality. You are putting yourself where you could be killed.”


Stephanie Ruhle posed the question, “what it would be like if an attacker brought an AR-15 and all the teacher had was a handgun.”?


Nance response:

That’s really a matter of understanding and training. We have a lot of people who are going on what they think they see in the movies. If you’ve got a handgun and that’s all the tool you have, you have to be extremely well-trained to go out and engage someone who has a fully automatic or semiautomatic weapon … and to be quit honest, depending on the distance that you’re away, civilians don’t understand [that] in close quarters the first thing you are going to have to experience is the explosive sound of the weapon going off, not yours but the shooters.

He went on to say that it is only after all these first obstacles that a teacher will actually get into a gun fight.

Everyone in a school active shooter situation hears the firearms going off, for Nance to use this argument and purposely manipulate the topic by ignoring that it IS already happening.  But for now, teachers are already going through this, they are unarmed and untrained.

For now, they are hearing the “explosive sound” of the firearm and then dying, being injured and traumatized. They should be allowed to hear it while they are holding a firearm and have a fighting chance.

Nance continued by claiming arming teachers is a “ludicrous idea.” He said it is “the worst idea” he has ever heard. He said that when SWAT enters a school building after a 911 shooting call, they are checking hands and they are going to shoot if they see a handgun in a teacher’s hand. Per the article

Again Nance is purposely leaving out that part of the training that the Teachers would go through is also what to do when confronted by SWAT and LEO and how to appropriately handle the situation.  Just as SWAT and other entry teams will have to go through training on how to handle the situation with armed teachers.

What the Florida shooting showed us is that we cannot count on Law Enforcement to serve and protect.  The right to defend yourself and our youth is far more vital than any argument the anti-firearm nutjobs bring to the table.

President Donald Trump is not just calling for armed teachers, but for teachers who undergo training to carry and use a gun in reaction to an attack on a school. Such training can be extremely intense, as with the FASTER program that prepares armed teachers in what must be done should a horrific attack occur.

Blunt Truth, there is a deep agenda to have firearms banned and the 2nd Amendment abolished.  Which will turn every citizen into a walking victim and easy prey for the criminals and the government.

If the President gives even an inch, it opens the door for these groups to push for the complete agenda.

Americans have the right to defend themselves per the 2nd Amendment, it was written to protect the people from a corrupt government.  People need to wake up and realize we are being tread on, we are on the verge of losing our rights.

United we stand, divided we fall.

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