MSNBC Idiot Says Civil War Was Fought For… Illegal Aliens?



I knew Columbia was turning into the high swirl business end of the Ivy League toilet, but this video is just plain disturbing. Either they are shuffling all their incompetent, diversity mistakes into administration, or the whole she-bang is going down the tubes.

If I ever need a lawyer, I am making sure they did not graduate from Columbia Law School. They say only fools represent themselves, but one would be a much larger fool for hiring one from this school.

No surprise though, it seems they have found a home with the rest of the racist idiots on MSNBC. Meet Jamal Greene.


I wish that so-called reporters and so-called political leaders would do their jobs and start asking three questions to help broaden a legitimate debate on anchor babies and illegal immigration.

-If you were legally visiting China on a visa, would you expect the Chinese government to give citizenship, if your child was born while there?

-If you illegally snuck into China, would you expect the Chinese government to allow you to stay in the country, giving citizenship to you and your progeny, who are born while you remain in the country illegally?

-If you entered China illegally or overstayed a visa, would it be an inhumane act if China returned you and your family to America, especially if the return trip was paid for by China?

I doubt there are very many Americans who would answer yes to any of those questions, but their thinking becomes very skewed by political correctness and peer pressure when immersed in their our own political situation.

The American citizenry has been so beaten down by the false or conflated charges of racism by so called progressives, with no major political party to argue against it, that the citizenry suffers a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

Go-along-to-get-along politicians without vision follow the crowd, continuing to take us down the politically correct road, even as the foolishness continues to compound the problems. It will require a true leader to change the direction of this country.

I can safely say that Columbia University is to higher education what the Special Olympics is to the world of sports. My brain is hurting, I could not follow the logic in this conversation. Really, our Constitution is over written by the Statue of Liberty, the French wrote that nonsense. Commonsense tells you that a nation will no longer remain a nation, if it’s laws and immigration policies are made a mockery of.

God Bless. 

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God Bless.

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