MSNBC Racist Black Hack Compares Conservatives To THIS- He Should Be In JAIL

MSNBC’s Jason Johnson “Republicans, Conservatives And Trump Are All A Cult Like Al-Qaeda”



The left has seriously gone off the deep end.

The leftist politicians accomplish nothing with the exception of spending TRILLIONS of dollars on what essentially amounts to complete garbage.

They are violent, hateful Communist as*holes.

The leftist media is so biased it’s out of control.


These people are calling those of us on the right a “CULT.”

Are you freaking kidding me?

We are normal, logical America loving patriots.

On the other hand, the real “CULT” are those on the left.

The left are actually equating us to Muslim terrorists.

These people are completely INSANE!

Check this out via Breitbart:

MSNBC commentator Jason Johnson during a Thursday appearance on “Deadline” called the Republican Party “a cult not radically dissimilar from Al-Qaeda.”

This hack is a complete joke and he gets paid to smear this bullshit on TV.

Johnson said, “This is the thing that’s more scary for me. You have got 62% of self identified Republicans in 2021 are saying ‘Hey I think the election was rigged.’ I look back at 2011 and you had 45% of Republicans in 2011 who thought Barack Obama was born in Kenya. So literally the Republican Party has gotten dumber or crazier or more conspiracy-oriented in the last decade. It would be a lot easier to convince people that Obama was born in Kenya than it should be to think that Joe Biden and somehow a collection of Democrat and Republican state senators and secretaries of state managed to rig an entire election. But that is what we are facing right now.”

Of course the Commiecrats openly vilify Republicans and Conservatives, they have been doing so for ages and under the Biden regime, they have become empowered to openly begin their witch hunts against “political extremism and white supremacy”.

They continue to ignore that we face a humanitarian crisis and not a “white” citizens crisis.  It goes way beyond an agenda as well as political crisis.

America suffers a sickness and I am not talking about Covid-19. We suffer at the hands of a Democrat/Communist party that is not just targeting political extremism and white supremacy, but an extremely dangerous as well as illegal agenda that is working to remove Republican and Conservatize politicians that refuse to bow to their nightmarish policies.

Johnson added, “It is not just a crisis of confidence, it is not just a crisis of competence, it is a crisis of truth. At some point you have to recognize that when people worship white supremacy, when people worship Trump, when people worship whatever kind of QAnon conspiracy they want, it is now a cult. It is a cult not radically dissimilar from Al-Qaeda. At least as what we have seen so far as far as the belief system. And when you deal with cults, you can no-longer defeat those people with logic. You have to defeat them with laws and you allow people to live in whatever crazy fantasy world they want as long as they are not harming other people.”

LAWS? You mean like ANTIFA and BLM follow the law?

It is pathetic to say that believing truth and facts is a cult!  It is AMERICAN to believe in facts and truths that prove overreach and vilification of citizens who refuse to bend the knee to their agendas.

The democrats do not want opposition in any form, so to convince through manipulation, shame and guilt tactics is meant to indoctrinate citizens that we have a white supremacy nation and of course, it is all former President Trumps fault.

Jason Johnsons claims are outlandish and ludicrous which are hate filled statements to continue to pour fuel on racism and hate in our nation.

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Citizens can no longer openly question government overreach nor openly state their beliefs in democracy that is supposed to be elected by the people, for the people that are supposed to serve “We The People”.  To do so now puts citizens on government “lists” that lead to illegal investigations by the federal government agencies that have now been tasked to go after republicans and conservatives.

In blunt words, racism is complete horseshit that is being used to manipulate and indoctrinate American citizens, especially our youth.

The days of thinking American citizens can be rounded up and placed into “camps” used to be a conspiracy but facts and truths do not lie, we very well see these evil and illegal “conspiracies” come to fruition and that is a nightmare for ALL American citizens.

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