MSNBC Reporter STUNNED When Sean Spicer LAYS DOWN THE LAW: ‘We’re Ending This RIGHT NOW!’ [VID]

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MSNBC has been one of the more hostile networks to President Trump both throughout his campaign and after taking office, and now they’re starting to feel the repercussions of no treating the president fairly in their coverage.

During Wednesday’s press briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Kristen Welker, a reporter for the network, tried pressing Spicer on a draft memo that related to detainees at GITMO, but Spicer wasn’t having any of it.

“I want to go back to that draft executive that would undo restrictions pertaining to the handling of detainees,” she said. “Has the president seen that?”

Spicer noted that the document the press saw isn’t an official White House memo, then explained he wasn’t sure if Trump had seen it or not.

“You’re asking me if a document that’s not a White House document he has seen,” Spicer responded. “I don’t believe to the best of my knowledge.”

“This is the second day in a row that we’re being asked about documents that are not White House documents,” lamented Spicer, “and frankly reports that are being published attributing documents to the White House that are not White House documents.”

“I haven’t attributed,” Welker pressed. “Do you know if he’s seen it?”

The MSNBC reporter kept pushing Spicer over the document, which led to him becoming visibly frustrated.

“I’m not going to answer hypotheticals about documents that are floating around,” he shot at her, as she continued to press him over it.

“OK, Kristen, we’re going to end this right now,” said Spicer, before calling on another reporter and shutting her down.

Now that’s how you handle hostile reporters, and it’s evident she was being hostile. Even after Spicer explained that to the best of his knowledge Trump hasn’t seen the document, she couldn’t help but keep pushing him about it, as if to try to catch him in a “gotcha” moment.

Team Trump couldn’t have chosen a better representative to the press, since it’s evident he’s not going to put up with their garbage. Better yet, he’s also not going to reward them for dishonest reporting, which was evident when he glossed over the major networks to give a reporter from the Washington Examiner the first question of the day, then waiting a good amount of time before calling on the less objective “mainstream” media outlets.

All you can say to that is, it’s about time.

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