MSNBC’S Black Racist Hack Joy Reid Goes On INSANE Rant About “Violent White Extremism”- Compares Trump To THIS Dead Terrorist



MSNBC continues to fuel racism and hate.  The mainstream media propaganda machine pushes racism because they are told to and sheep drink it up.

The latest hot topic for these Communist propaganda outlets like MSNBC ad CNN is “violent white extremism…”

Give it a break already.

If you want to report on “violent white extremism” then START REPORTING ABOUT THE DOMESTIC TERRORIST GROUP ANTIFA!

Freaking leftist idiots.

And their ratings suck and there’s BIG money in racism- just ask Al Sharpton!

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid is a hack, nothing more than a puppet who hates “whites.” Her hypocritical rhetoric is not only ridiculous, it is pushing division of the people. Check this out- this lady is totally insane!

Reid on Wednesday’s “The ReidOut” accused former president Donald Trump of inciting “violent white extremism” and likened it to the way Osama Bin Laden did with the Islamic terrorist organization al-Qaeda, Breitbart reports.

Addressing former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, Reid said, “The idea that Afghanistan could go on forever. We can’t stay anywhere forever, especially when we got home security threats in terms of violent white nationalism that is threatening our Capital.

When we have got our own former president inciting people into violence and pushing them more into this violent white extremism much the way Bin Laden you know, did, sort of inspiring people to be this way.”

Former President Trump never pushed any “white nationalism” nor did he incite any violence in any way shape or form.  Look, Trump was far from perfect as President but what the left is claiming and pounding like a hammer into peoples heads, is false.

We do have national security threats but not what Reid is babbling, our national security threats are our open-door southern border, militarized D.C., Biden and Harris regime and deep state corruption that is destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our nation is seeing idiotic riots, looting and violence over law enforcement shootings involving black people.  Everyone seems to be ignoring facts, such as black on black crime, including shooting each other, happen daily.  Or how about law enforcement shootings actually shoot and kill more white people every year than blacks.

Facts, evidence and truth have no room in the democratic agendas and using mainstream media to manipulate and indoctrinate the American public is horrendous and THAT is what people need to be talking to each other about.

Breitbart continued:

She asked, “Do you feel as someone who ran DHS that we have to turn our focus here because we have our own internal terrorist threats to deal with?”

Johnson said, “My short answer is yes.”

Damn right we should turn our focus on our own national security but as stated before, not in the way Reid is attempting to push towards Trump and White people.

“We The People” have a duty to one another, to our nation and our children’s futures.  We must have open discussions with one another and set aside personal beliefs and opinions.

Our nation will never see peace and unity unless we unite as one collective voice to put a stop to the corruption and greed that is destroying our nation.

Good luck with that…

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