MSNBC’s Jason Johnson About To Get SUED After What He Said About Tucker Carlson “Tucker Carlson Is Spokesman For…”


The democratic party is destroying by agenda, this is all part of their plan and sadly it is working so far.  How in the hell anyone can fall for their racism rhetoric is not just baffling, it is also infuriating to watch our nation fall apart over lies and manipulation.

These mainstream media corporations are bought and paid for by the democratic elite, they are soulless cowards that do not care that they are dividing our nation and creating hate and destruction.

Breitbart reports that MSNBC commentator Jason Johnson said Thursday on “Deadline” that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was a “spokesperson” for a movement to the United States into a “white nationalist state.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “I want to ask you about something that I’ve wrestled with. You’ve got more clarity than I do. But I understand better than anyone the appetite to turn the page on Donald Trump. I try not to say his name, I try to call him the disgraced ex-president. But what he has uncorked, what is happening now, is worse than what happened at any moment of his presidency. What he has uncorked is a unorganized but vast anti-democratic movement. Its oxygen is disinformation. They view Fox News as the medium source. We think Fox is outrageous. To his supporters, they’re in the center. They view Fox as center-right because to its right is all that other stuff, Newsmax, OAN and whatnot. What do you view this moment for—what do you view sort of this moment as in terms of navigating what we’re watching?”

“We The People” need to demand that mainstream media such as MSNBC be held accountable for their lies and indoctrinating racism.

This pathetic meat-sacks that push this racial propaganda need to be shut down and never again be allowed to have anything to do with the “news” in America.  The lies and corruption are at an all time high and somewhere we have to have politicians that are willing to shut these scumbags down.

Breitbart continued:

Johnson said, “They’re worshipping  a cult of Donald Trump. Trump has become the aviator of all this. As long as Donald Trump is there, they’re going to engage in this kind of behavior. What I fear, more than anything else, I’ve said all along, this has been brewing for decades. This was starting back with Newt Gingrich, starting in the 2000 election. This has been growing for decades.”

He continued, “We should have probably seen that a group of people who can be okay with individuals marching into the Capitol and trying to hang Mike Pence aren’t the kind of people you can ever work with again. We’re not dealing with a party anymore. I don’t like using the term, Republican Party, because it’s basically a storm front for an armed insurrection. That’s all it is. We have to start talking about them that way. We have to recognize that Tucker Carlson is not a journalist. He’s basically a spokesperson for a revolutionary movement to overturn this country and turn it into a white nationalist state.”

“That’s what’s going on,” Johnson added. “Any other terminology and we play into it. I hope that we recognize that this is war. This is war for the future of this country. One side is ready and fighting and has already launched their first salvo and the other side is trying to figure out if they want to vote on it. That’s what I see this point as being. I hope we don’t look back on the summer of 2021 and regret the decisions that weren’t made to protect this country. ”

The amount of crazy and lies that Johnson is spewing is the real racism and is clearly meant to divide people and indoctrinate racism into people.

These are the puppets that are doing what their masters demand and yet they do not believe they are puppets, enslaved by strings of racism.

People need to wash away all of the manipulation and stop paying attention to the puppets and start remembering who we are as a nation and figure out what type of nation we want to leave for our children and grand children.  They will be the ones who suffer the most, for our lack of backbone and grit.


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