BREAKING: Mueller Just Busted BREAKING THE LAW, He Needs To GO NOW!!


Robert Mueller’s special counsel is in a bit of hot water after it was learned they committed an illegal act during their investigation.

For the last year or so, Mueller and his team have been engaged in the biggest witch hunt to ever take place in American history, and it appears as if they finally crossed a line. According to the Daily Wire, Mueller’s team illegally obtained thousands of emails from President Trump’s transition team, many of which contain “privileged information,” all so they could ensnare the President and his associates.


Now, the President’s lawyers are demanding that Mueller return the emails or face a massive lawsuit.

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From the Daily Wire:


President Donald Trump’s lawyers are again squaring off with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, this time over “tens of thousands” of emails Mueller’s team obtained from “,” the government server that played host to communications between members of Trump’s transition team before the president officially moved into the White House.

Trump’s lawyers, and sources close to the transition (which is still, technically, in operation) told Axios that the Trump team believes the emails were improperly obtained, some in violation of the 4th Amendment, and that hundreds may contain privileged information.


According to the report, Mueller’s team obtained the emails early on in their investigation, and didn’t tell anyone they had them. The team of career prosecutors claim they’re fair game because they were on government servers, but President Trump’s legal representatives aren’t buying it.

The emails reportedly contain juicy information: “sensitive exchanges on matters such as potential appointments, gossip about the views of particular senators involved in the confirmation process, speculation about vulnerabilities of Trump nominees, strategizing about press statements, and policy planning on everything from war to taxes.”

But that leaves Trump’s lawyers unhappy — and they filed a seven-page letter threatening to take Mueller to court if the Special Counsel’s office doesn’t return the treasure trove of online communications. They’re even claiming Mueller should have gotten a warrant to search the transition’s property, though the server hosting the “” address was, in fact, government property.

As bad as that is, the worst part is the damage has already been done, and Mueller’s team has leaked information from the emails to the press. However, if the President’s lawyers can prove that Mueller’s team did in fact illegally obtain the emails without a warrant, that could be all the evidence they need to shut down the probe entirely.

Regardless, it’s been nearly a year of in investigating, yet not a single shred of evidence has been found that President Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians. To say it’s time to shut the whole thing down would be an understatement; it needs to die a painful death and go away entirely.

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