Mugshots Released Of 5 ANTIFA Terrorist Scumbags- LOOK What They Were Trying To Attempt And What They Got Charged With

(L-R) Jordan Abhold, Nelson Mendez, Thomas Moseley, Marc Holley and Laura Galaviz. (PHOTO CREDIT: KARE)

Five people were charged with felony riot as a result of a New Year’s Eve gathering in downtown Minneapolis with the explicit intention of causing damage, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced Monday.

Jordan Abhold, 26, and Nelson Mendez,31, both of Minneapolis, as well as Thomas Moseley, 29, of Blaine, Marc Holley, 32 of St. Louis Park and Laura Galaviz, 29 of St. Cloud all were charged with second-degree riot-armed with a dangerous weapon. They are expected to make their first court appearance Tuesday.

According to the criminal complaint, on Dec. 31, Minneapolis police noticed postings on social media telling people to gather at 11 o’clock that night at Park Avenue and Fourth Street in downtown Minneapolis, to wear black and “mask up.” The posting also said, “BURN THE PRECINCTS & THE PRISONS!” among other things.


Officers watched as about 75 people converged on Commons Park. They were chanting “A-C-A-B, all cops are bastards,” as they marched on the sidewalk and the road, disrupting traffic and the light-rail trains. They headed to the Hennepin County Juvenile Justice Center and the Juvenile Detention Center on Park Avenue, the complaint states.

Police also observed members of the group shooting fireworks toward passing motorists and spray-painting graffiti on buildings, including the detention center and the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office.  The graffiti included: ACAB, Down W America, Kill all Kops, Crimewave 2021, DEATH TO AMERICA and AMERICA’s LAST YEAR?, according to the complaint.

Less than 45 minutes after the group arrived at the park, officers were ordered to move in and detain as many of the people as possible to stop the rioting, the complaint states. Everyone scattered, but officers were able to arrest about 35 of them.

Officers recovered knives, mace, improvised spike balls, fireworks, gas masks, a taser, body armor and helmets. All those detained were taken to the Hennepin County jail. Of those arrested, only five were charged with the felony riot charge, according to the complaint.


Abhold was carrying a loaded .38 special revolver, for which he had a permit to carry. He also had two speed loaders with ammunition and a device that appeared to be scanning police radio communications. Prosecutors are asking for bail of $100,000.

Moseley was carrying a knife. He already is charged in earlier incidents with felony damage to property at the Minneapolis Fifth Precinct station and possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse. Prosecutors are seeking bail of $100,000.

Holley was carrying a knife in a sheath on his waistband, a gas mask, zip ties, body armor and a two-way radio. Prosecutors are seeking bail of $20,000.

Galaviz was carrying two knives. Prosecutors are seeking bail of $20,000.

Mendez had fireworks, a green laser, a taser and a gas mask in the backpack he was carrying. Prosecutors are seeking bail of $20,000.

Jordan Abhold Criminal Complaint (PDF)

Laura Galaviz Criminal Complaint (PDF)

Marc Holley Criminal Complaint (PDF)

Nelson Mendez Criminal Complaint (PDF)

SOURCE – Hennepin County Attorney

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