Murdered Texas Deputy’s Son Wears ‘Special’ Shirt To Funeral… The Reason Why Has The Internet On Fire


As AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS reported, Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth was executed by a black thug while getting gas in his patrol car. He has been laid to rest but our country is in dire straits. But this article is about something that happened at the funeral that has social media buzzing. And it’s heart wrenching.

Mr. Goforth’s son was wearing a Captain America shirt under his suit jacket at his dad’s funeral, and the reason why will likely bring a tear to your eye. I admit, it hit me pretty hard…

Goforth’s son and his father are both wearing Captain America shirts…

I told you. I needed a Kleenex too guys. 

This precious young man had his father stolen from him by an ignorant, hate-filled, evil individual, and as a result will miss out on the joy of growing up with a strong male leader in his life. (H/T  at Young Cons:

Obama owns this. He has created a hate filled society with his racism and division. He has fueled the anger that blacks have towards whites and law enforcement. (H/T Twitchy)




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