Muslim Delivers Pizza To Kid’s Party, Offers Up A Slice Of PURE EVIL…

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An Iranian-born Muslim asylum seeker delivered pizza to to some young girls and when he arrived at the house he realized that the girls were home alone he decided to rape one of them. Unbelievable.


Mohammed Shahab Mahboubian, 37 delivered the pizza but returned to the house with more pizza and asked if he could have a slice.

Two of the girls eventually came out. The savage urged one of them to “come for a ride in my car. He told the girl, “If you don’t come for a ride, I’ll hurt you.”

He abducted the terrified 15-year-old who he sexually molested in his car.

The Muslim perv told her he was only going to drive up and down but when she got in, asked her age.

Prosecutors said when she replied she was 15, he told her she was too young for sex,

He asked other questions, including where she lived, as he drove to a remote spot and raped her.

She eventually told him her friends would be wondering what was happening to her, so he drove back to the house and dropped her off.


They alerted the police and the scumbag was tracked down and arrested.

Mahboubian, who went to Britain seeking asylum five years ago, was jailed for seven-and-a-half years after admitting sexual assault, according to Express.

Once again we see that these animals just can’t assimilate in a civilized nation.

This is what Obama and liberals refuse to admit but the facts are overwhelming.

Now this young girl is scarred for life.



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