Muslim Family Gets KICKED OUT Of Petting Zoo After Owner Sees What They’re Doing



One would generally expect problems with Muslims going to a petting zoo, after all there are goats that they love, and pigs that they hate. I won’t go there but you get the picture.



A Muslim family decided to go to a petting zoo which is generally a child oriented place aimed at fun for the entire family. The fun ended when the Muslims decided they needed to pray to Allah.

Huub van Leijsen, the owner of petting zoo Pukkemuk in Dongen, Netherlands has worked hard to provide quality family entertainment and he has the right to make policies for his business. But the Muslims disagree.

Clad in Burqas and head-wraps the Muslims interrupted the fun by kneeling on the ground, faces in the dirt and butts in the air worshiping Satan. (Allah)

The NL Times reports that the owner, Van Leijsen noticed kids getting anxious in the petting zoo about an hour after the Muslim family arrived and realized that the family started praying. “I tried to explain that Pukkemuk is not a house of prayer, but a playground for children, he said. “Children have the leading role and I do everything I can to make things go their way as much as possible.”

The family, Bilal Salam, his three sisters-in-law, two other men and eleven children, accused him of being a Muslim hater. “I said that I do not hate Muslims. Praying in burqas in a petting zoo in the middle of playing children was an unpleasant experience for some of my guests.”

No one wants to see Muslims praying at a fricking petting zoo. Well, except other Muslims I suppose.

Van Leijsen also denies that he simply kicked the family out. “I did not put them out. I asked them to ‘not stay too long’. This because of the reactions of my other guests.”

Of course the Muslims have pressed discrimination charges against Van Leijsen. The authorities will look into whether the petting zoo will be prosecuted.

These Muslims sue EVERYONE that disagrees with them- or just decapitate them. Unbelievable.

Why go to a petting zoo when it’s time to pray? I’ll tell you why- so they could sue the hell out of the owner for discrimination. They could have easily visited the zoo in between prayer time. It’s just common sense. But Muslims don’t give a crap about anyone but Muslims.

Dom the Conservative at Mad World News adds this bit of wisdom:

The Salam family deliberately brewed the perfect situation for them to scream “bigotry” if anyone objected to their actions, knowing that ignorant non-Muslims like Huub and the justice system would have no clue that Muslims are able to make up missed prayers at a later time if needed.

The five daily prayers are actually flexible, unbeknownst to many non-Muslims. If a Muslim misses one by accident, they must only ask forgiveness and say the prayer as soon as conveniently possible. If they are forced to miss one because of work, school, or other understandable hindrances, they only need to say that prayer when they get a moment to do so.

These Muslims took Huub and the Netherlands for fools, playing on the country’s unconditional tolerance to destroy tolerance of everyone else. Unfortunately, Islam uses freedom and democracy to obliterate freedom and democracy, and it’s only a matter of time before we’ve tolerated our own demise.



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God Bless.

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