BREAKING: Muslim FBI Agent Refuses To Wiretap Muslims, Obama INSTANTLY Rewards Him With THIS…


Back in 2002, Gamal Abdel-Hafiz was in the FBI, and refused to conduct a secret recording of a Muslim suspect. He said, “A Muslim doesn’t record another Muslim.” He should have been fired frankly, but he wasn’t. In fact, Obama liked his pro-Muslim stance so much that he is now a Homeland Security adviser to our MUSLIM President. Unbelievable. 



Abdel-Hafiz should have been fired in 2002, immediately after demonstrating that his allegiance to Islam was greater than his allegiance to the United States. Instead, he is now in a greater position of influence than ever, Conservative Post reports.

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The Cairo-born Abdel-Hafiz has moved on to bigger and perhaps better things- putting every single American firearm owner on a gun-registry.


Following the terror attack in Orlando, the dominant media/political narrative turned to gun control and now-discredited claims of the suspect’s mental illness (claims which included gay-baiting).

Now, one controversial former FBI agent — and current consultant to the Obama administration on “countering violent extremism” (CVE) — is suggesting a national gun registry be created. Such a registry would target millions of law-abiding American citizens.


The former FBI counter-terrorism agent says lawmakers could make mass murders less likely. “What we need to do is keep the ownership of guns known to the government, so we know who has what,” he said. “And I know a lot of people are against that.”

“He shouldn’t have been able to buy a gun legally. He shouldn’t,” said Abdel-Hafiz about 29 year-old Omar Mateen. He says 3 FBI interviews should have been enough to keep Mateen on the radar, but he also knows why he wasn’t. “Once you investigate someone and clear them, you have to remove them from the watch list by law,” he explained to WFAA from his office in Dallas.

And even if Mateen had been on a terror watch list, or no-fly list, that would not have prohibited him from legally buying weapons…

“That means the list is useless then,” the former agent said.

Responding to this, PJ Media notes, “Remarkably, he [Abdel-Hafiz] admits that the various terror watch lists and no-fly lists are useless. Moments after suggesting another list. He doesn’t explain how a national gun registry — yet another government list targeting millions of law-abiding Americans — would prevent another terror attack.”

Selwyn Duke at The New American has more:

Shockingly, Abdel-Hafiz was never fired by the FBI. This is despite allegations he perpetrated insurance fraud and then lied about it to the agency; despite his “I won’t ‘record another Muslim’” remark; and despite the fact that a colleague of his, FBI special agent Robert Wright, and Chicago federal prosecutor Mark Flessner both attest that the Muslim agent seriously damaged the investigation inspiring the remark. Instead, here’s what did transpire, as reported by ABC News in 2002:

Wright said he “was floored” by Abdel-Hafiz’s refusal and immediately called the FBI headquarters. Their reaction surprised him even more: “The supervisor from headquarters says, ‘Well, you have to understand where he’s coming from, Bob.’ I said no, no, no, no, no. I understand where I’m coming from,” said Wright. “We both took the same damn oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic, and he just said no? No way in hell.”

Far from being reprimanded, Abdel-Hafiz was promoted to one of the FBI’s most important anti-terrorism posts, the American Embassy in Saudi Arabia, to handle investigations for the FBI in that Muslim country.

Of course, there are no allegations that Abdel-Hafiz — who has dual American/Egyptian citizenship — has commissively aided terrorists. But given his infamous 2002 refusal to perform his duty, some questions must be asked. In what other ways did/does Abdel-Hafiz’s Muslim faith constrain or even warp his actions with respect to Muslim terrorists? How is it influencing his advice? And how many of his theological soul mates are today working in intelligence agencies? Note here that Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson is himself a Muslim.

Folks, we have been thoroughly infiltrated by Muslims thanks to liberals and Obama. It’s seriously insane and the writing is on the wall.

We HAVE to take back our country NOW or America will never be the same.

God Bless.



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