Muslim London Mayor Has BLOOD On His Hands After Entire World Finds Out What Happened Just 3 DAYS Ago


We now know the Islamic State (ISIS) warned that yet another terror attack was imminent just 3 days ago.  What the people of London and the rest of the world want to know now is why didn’t anti-Trump Islam activist Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn take action?

The latest issue of the Islamic State’s weekly newspaper al-Naba released three days ago warned that another terrorist attack in Britain was “definitely coming.” Al-Naba, a 16-page color newsletter, is distributed within ISIS territory but is also posted and distributed online via the usual ISIS mediums such as Telegram and social media.


An article within the newsletter entitled “Blessed Battle of Manchester: A new lesson for tyrants, Crusader States,” states Britain thought it “was safe from the wounds of the Mujahideen.”

Protected by the sea they have long relied on isolating themselves” and thought “their exit from the European Union would save them.”

A soldier from the Islamic State” in Manchester, “has unleashed terror throughout their country, they rushed to spread the army in the cities, mobilizing police and security in the streets for fear of a new attack,” which “is inevitable, God willing.”


It seems rather than protecting the people of London from an imminent terrorist attack that ISIS clearly warned of in advance, Kahn is too busy trying to oppose American President Donald Trump and worrying about alienating “mainstream Muslims.”




Of course, the leftist mainstream media is rushing to paint the pro-Islam Muslim mayor as the “good guy.” However, what the politically correct WON’T tell you is that his radical pro-Islam stance makes him complicit in the deaths and injury of Britains attacked for little more reason than a difference of opinion.
It seems Khan has his own agenda.  Instead of to end terrorism, Khan is attempting to normalize these sorts of attacks, characterizing terrorism as just a part of everyday living and referring to these attacks as “the new normal.”


It seems Kahn himself prefers to promote a more radical form of Islam, calling moderate Muslims“Uncle Toms.”  There have now been three terrorist attacks in roughly 73 days in Britain.  Funny but it looks like it is the people of London are who are suffering for your personal jihad Mr. Mayor.  Or is that your plan?

You may as well have just attacked the people of London yourself, driven the van yourself.

Then rather than addressing the situation at hand and acknowledging that there is indeed an issue, Kahn chooses to use this opportunity to arrogantly attack President Trump.   As the attack raged President Trump called the Mayor out for his ridiculous statements telling the people not to worry.  Apparently being reminded of his own failures to address a terror attack when a prior warning was given three days prior was just too much for Kahn to deal with as a spokesman for the Mayor states Khan likely won’t be responding to President Trump’s “ill-informed tweet” on the London attack anytime soon.

The spokesman stated that Khan “is busy working with police, emergency services, and the government to coordinate the response to this horrific and cowardly terrorist attack and provide leadership and reassurance to Londoners and visitors in our city.

He has more important things to do than respond to Donald Trump’s ill-informed tweet that deliberately takes out of context his remarks urging Londoners not to be alarmed when they saw more police — including armed officers — on the streets.”

It seems if that were TRUE Mr. Mayor then your people would continue to die at the hands of radical Muslims bent on destruction while you are busily declaring that the city of London is “open” and terror attacks are just part of normal life in a big city.  They were NEVER normal until you and yours decided that the West was your playground and the rest of us were ripe for extermination.
Instead of worrying about the people of London, Kahn states his main focus is still on the disproven theories of climate change and he called it “one of the biggest risks to humanity.”
Perhaps you may want to reevaluate those priorites…..

Source- AFF 


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