Muslim Man Bites Into Unexpected ‘ITEM’ In Cheese Roll, Then All Hell BREAKS LOOSE…




A devout Muslim got a little extra ‘surprise’ in his cheese and onion roll and let’s just say, he’s not a happy Jihad, lol.

Muslims hate pork, as you know. However, they love goats. but we’ll save that one for another day.

So the Muslim went to a local market to buy some snacks to eat and when he came home, he opened the bag and dug into the delicious rolls- one problem. The rolls had a nice juicy sausage in it! LOL!!! Oh the horror!



Shamrez Razaq, 20, said he felt sick after chomping on the supermarket’s own savory supermarket pastries, which were clearly labelled ‘cheese and onion’ and ‘suitable for vegetarians’, Daily Mail reports.

The horrified man, who had bought the pack of rolls for his family’s tea, was forced to snatch another roll from the same pack out of his eight-year-old brother’s mouth.


Mr Razaq, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, said, “For centuries my ancestors have not eaten pork – I can’t believe this has happened.”

Well bro- it happened. Now, admit it was tasty as hell! 

“We regularly buy the cheese pastries from there so we never expected it to be pork. Why should we? It just shouldn’t happen.”

Speaking about the incident which happened at the Morrisons store on Ingleby Road in Bradford, the angry Muslim said, “I have never, never touched anything like that.”

Dude, I don’t want to know what in the hell you have touched in your life- I can only imagine.

Beer break.

Okay, so he kept complaining instead of being grateful that he got more than he paid for.

“It was a bad mistake of Morrisons, especially to make in the Girlington area which has such a huge Muslim population. It’s unforgivable.

Unforgivable? So what are you gonna do Mohammad? Start cutting off peoples heads? Or maybe strap on a suicide belt and blow up up a bunch of women and children? 

“They have to be extra careful. The rolls were their own brand, baked and packed by them. They are completely to blame,” the angry Muslim said.

“The pork and the cheese rolls look exactly the same, you can’t tell the difference from the outside. The only difference is the label – and it was wrong.”

Razaq said he would ‘never ever forget’ the episode. Hmmmmm. Sounds like a threat.

He warned, “It might have happened to other Muslim families as well as us who were misled by Morrisons into thinking they were buying non-pork. How can we trust them again?”

Yeah bro, it happens. You ever go to order a burger with no pickles and when you get it it has fricking pickles? Get over it. I pick the pickles off and eat my burger and thank God for being alive and being successful enough to be able to afford a damned burger lol.

Look, the store apologized and it’s done. Grow up and then shut the hell up. If you don’t like it then get the hell out. Go back to your sand dunes and do whatever it is people like you do.

I know one thing, I couldn’t care less about you and your complaints. To me, you are just some Muslim POS that most likely supports ISIS.

God Bless.

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God Bless.

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