Muslim Man Stands Up During Flight… Media Won’t Tell You What He Did Next


A New York City Muslim jihad named Alija Kucuk was arrested after he punched a flight attendant and threatened to blow up a jet shortly after the jet took off from JFK International Airport. The jet landed safely at Palm Beach International Airport.

According to the Palm Beach Post, shortly after Jet Blue Flight 153 took off Kucuk jumped out of his seat, ran down the aisle, pushed two flight attendants, shoved flight attendant Whitney Rolle into a door, punched him in the face and, like any good jihad screamed racial epithets and racist slurs and threatened to “blow up the plane.”

Scary stuff right there.

Fortunately, Rolle managed to subdue the angry Muslim and placed him in restraints for the rest of the flight. Kucuk was immediately arrested at the Palm Beach County airport and placed in federal detention at the Palm Beach County jail.

Kucuk, 29, from Middle Village, Queens, is charged with interference with a flight attendant and threatening to destroy an aircraft. He faces a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

Unfortunately, Kucuk was released from jail Monday on a $50,000 bond which his cousins paid.

The maniac was ordered to wear a GPS monitor, surrender his passport, remain in South Florida and ordered not to board any planes.

Yeah, it’s probably a good idea to keep this lunatic off of airplanes.

There are additional reports that he may be here illegally. Imagine that…

Robert Rich at Mad World News adds:

With incidents regarding people getting kicked off of planes that barely constitute news being shared across the world, it’s a wonder how something as big as this managed to miss the headlines. I mean, nothing has come out about this man – not even a mugshot – as the media seems to be intentionally ignoring the entire matter.

In fact, only one photo has since come out of Alija – an unverified image released by a blogger in NYC, supposedly taken last year during the Albanian-American parade in New York. Tell me there isn’t a blatant effort to sweep this one under the rug.


Unverified photo of Alija Kucuk

God forbid the left reap the consequences of their defense of Islam and actually have to admit that they are wrong. Stories like this come out on a daily basis, demonstrating Muslims to be every bit as barbaric and uncivilized as much of the world believes them to be. Enough is enough, it’s time to acknowledge the truth.


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