Muslim Man STORMS IHOP With Quran, See’s Trump Supporter and All HELL BREAKS LOOSE… [VID]


An irate turban wearing Muslim man was taken into custody in Denton County, Texas, on Wednesday after creating a disturbance and making terroristic threats. How nice. 

Workers at a Denton IHOP restaurant say 28-year-old Peshwaz Waise came into their restaurant around 6:00 a.m. wearing what they called a turban, clutching a Koran and talking to customers about accepting its message, CBS reports.

One customer was wearing his Trump gear which apparently pissed off the jihad.

“So, I guess he approached the guy with the same message but the guy had on a Trump supporter shirt on,” said restaurant employee Darel Walker. “So I guess that’s where the issue arose.”

The two started arguing and someone called 911.

“Since the guy, the Trump supporter, was sitting down, a paying customer, the dude was asked to leave,” Walker said. “And I heard it carried on into the parking lot.”

The Muslim was given a ticket for trespassing but things got worse.

The irate Muslim went to a hospital and harassed everyone and told one woman that if she didn’t take his Quran

Next, police say he headed to this hospital and harassed employees telling one woman if she didn’t take his Quran she would die and that the hospital would go down.

“He went inside and began insisting they take the [Quran] from him,” read a press release from Denton Police. “He told them to give the Quran to the chaplain or chapel ‘or die.'” An arrest warrant affidavit said Waise also claimed the hospital would “go down.”

Police say he next showed up at the courthouse yelling in Arabic and wanting to see judges.

“I could hear somebody being pulled out of the courthouse screaming and yelling,” said attorney and witness Philip Ray. “I couldn’t understand what he was saying but it was at a high volume. I couldn’t see who he was but there were many officers around him.”

Other attorneys inside the court building were hustled into safe areas.

Police say Waise tried to see a judge to give him or her a Quran. When officers went to detain him, he allegedly said, “I’m imposing the death penalty” on the officers who were dealing with him and “anybody who touches me is going to bleed.”

A robot was being used to search the suspect’s silver Nissan for explosives. The area around the vehicle was taped off.

“We were told that there had been threats made by this individual to judges and lawyers and that when he walked into the courthouse and they were screaming Arabic and had a turban and was trying to show people copies of the Koran,” said attorney Pete Schulte.

YouTube video courtesy of CBSDFW

Waise was charged with making terroristic threats.

Another one of Obama’s maniacs. And he’s importing hundred’s of thousands of these freaks.

I’m telling you- you’d better vote for Trump or your kids and grand children will live a life of jihad torture- or just get beheaded.

It’s your choice.

(h/t Western Journalism)

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