WATCH: Muslim Refugee Cuts In Line and Calls Lady ‘WHORE’- He Messed With The Wrong Customer


A Muslim migrant punk, just like the one’s that liberals worship, thought he could just push past people he believed inferior to him, but he got a huge wake-up call from a woman who refused to put up with his crap!

The scumbag tried to cut in line at a fast food restaurant in Sweden, telling the woman to “shut up, you f***ing whore” before trying to order, but this woman makes it clear she’s not going to let him push her around and tells him to get lost and go back to his own country.


Hell yeah!

From Face of a Dying Nation:

This amateur footage from Sweden is an excellent example of the complete lack of respect Muslim Illegal immigrants have for native Swedes. The migrant confidently cuts in line of a fast food stall as he considers waiting in line with disbelieving women to be below his dignity. As he is confronted by the fist women in line, he tells her that “he urinates on people” like her.The woman responds by saying that this is her country and if he doesn’t like the rules, he should go back to his own country. The saleswoman also refuses to serve him, telling him to stand back in line like everybody else. The migrant eventually tells the women to “shut up, you f*ckng whores” before ridiculing them, laughing and leaving.

Sweden has been a hot spot for many migrant-related crimes and incidents because it is a haven for liberal acceptance of Muslim migrants, Angry Patriot reports.


Check out this video!


Sweden went from eight million to nine million people just with the immigrants alone, with most of them coming from countries where the predominant religion is Islam. Sweden used to be a favorite spot of tourists, but now with one in every four Swedish women being raped by migrants, it is a no-fly zone for many tourists.

This woman here, however, is not going to be another statistic, another woman taken advantage of by a Muslim man who sees women as something below him. And the rest of the people in the area were backing her up, filming and refusing to give in to his offensive language.

And these are the people liberals want to bring into this country, so we end up exactly like Europe — overrun with fear. Hillary Clinton, with her “dream” of open borders, would have made America’s reality look a lot like Sweden’s.

The liberals siding with these people before the American people shows that all those words they said during the Women’s March are irrelevant. They are basically saying the rights of American women do not hold a candle to the “rights” of Muslim migrants here.

Any country that has opened its borders to migrants “in need” have seen increases in crime, including murder, rape, property destruction, theft, and terrorism. Excuse us if we don’t want this outcome to befall the American people. At least some women, like this brave one from Sweden, are not taking this crap from migrant boys who think they are “superior.”

God Bless.


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