Muslim Refugees Spot Little Girl, Do The UNTHINKABLE- Judge Frees Them After Saying These 4 SICK Words


Thanks to the staggering rise of Muslim immigrants, sexual assaults have increased more 500% in Sweden. One out of every four Swedish women is the victim of rape.  The escalation of rape in Sweden is so bad that in July of last year there were an average of five rapes a day reported in Stockholm.

That is literally five women being raped per day in a modern civilized city, not Afghanistan or Somalia but Sweden.
Yet medical facilities like the Crisis Trauma and Care Center in Stockholm, Sweden, were recently told by Stockholm County Council members that they should no longer cover raped women.


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The Council instead believes medical services would be better served on refugees with mental health issues stemming from torture, injury, and war. Except the clinic estimates that roughly 75% of their annual patients are rape victims, yet they are now no longer allowed to treat them no matter the severity of their injuries.


Take the case of Abdul for instance.  Abdul is from Syria and raped a girl in a car while filming the entire brutal attack on a mobile phone.  The girl screamed, “Stop, I do not want to!” and the encounter was clearly not consensual.  The girl was allowed no medical assistance whatsoever for her injuries despite the brutality of the attack.


Her attacker insisted the entire encounter was consensual despite clear evidence it was not. His explanation for the brutality of his attack?


He explains: “She said things that she did not know what was said. I mean she was so very horny that she did not know what she was saying.”

“Like when you’re angry, you may say things that you are not aware of – things that you do not want to say,” Abdul added….

Of course, he will not be deported. To deport him would be “Islamophobic.”

There were more than 163,000 immigrants to Sweden in 2017 alone. Gang rapes are on the rise, mostly committed by young refugee men from predominantly Muslim countries, where it is not considered a crime to rape non-Muslim women. Uncovered women are viewed as prostitutes and adulterers and the prevailing attitude is that if an uncovered woman is raped she asked for it.


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