Muslim Students DEMAND Special Treatment, University Does THIS Instead


The world is catering to the demands of Muslims because it is considered politically incorrect and discriminatory not to provide places to wash their stinking feet, permit them to take unscheduled breaks at work to wash then pray to Allah and provide special prayer rooms with mats and other crap they demand.

As the violence increases at the hands of these Islamists, businesses and institutions are deciding they have had ENOUGH!

A group of Muslim college students abused the privilege of having access to prayer room, which were originally intended to be used by people of all faiths, so the school decided to permanently shut it down.

The Local reports that the Technical University in Dortmund says that Muslim men had tried to take it over by imposing gender segregation (with a prayer space for men larger than that for women) and storing prayer mats inside.


“The attempt to create a pan-religious meditation space has failed,” said a spokesperson.

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But Muslim students accuse the university of placing them under general suspicion and 400 names were gathered for a petition accusing the university administration of discriminating against them.


Particularly upsetting was the university’s explanation that the room was closed for “security reasons” – potentially leading people to believe the Muslims using it were practicing radical forms of Islam such as Salafism.

My guess is that is exactly what they are doing. Plotting their next terrorist attack.


At the Technical University in Berlin – an institution with 34,000 students – a Muslim prayer room which had been there for years has suddenly been closed.

“The room was created in a time where the Muslim students had no place nearby to go for prayers,” Christian Thomsen, president of the university, said to Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ).

“The next places for Muslim students to pray may be not in walking distance, but with a bus it’s just two or three stations away,” he adding, “A prayer room at the university is no longer necessary.”

University Christian Thomsen said the decision “boiled down to the fundamental question: do we want religious facilities at our universities? I think higher education and religion should be kept separate.


I applaud this. Close down the ‘prayer rooms.’ Ban the burqa. Speak the language of the land you invaded. Comply or get the hell out.

God Bless. 


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