Muslim Thug SPITS On A Cop, IMMEDIATELY Regrets Ever Doing So [Video]

As Western nations continue to allow Muslim “refugees” into their nations in droves, they’re learning just how “grateful” they are to be given a better shot at life. Such is the case in Germany, where ungrateful refugees turned their entitlement attitude against police, then almost immediately regretted their decision.

After coming under fire from bleeding heart liberals over their treatment of the migrants, police in Clausnitz, Germany decided to release footage of how the Muslim invaders are treating citizens and law enforcement alike.

A woman is seen on the front of a bus full of refugees headed to a free housing complex, and out of nowhere, she decided to spit on police and the people surrounding the bus before arrogantly heading to the back.

That happened just after a young Muslim male made a throat slitting motion to the crowd. So police decided they were going to take action.


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The “boy” and the woman were both escorted off the bus then arrested. Meanwhile, the frustration of Germany’s people was put on display as incensed protesters wildly cheered as the pair were arrested.


Right Wing News has more on the current self-inflicted “crisis” by European nations:

These are the first refugees brought into a town of about 800. There are 20 of them and they are hated because the people know who and what they are. They are not as suicidal as Sweden who is hiring a luxury cruise ship to house 1,790 Muslim migrants on the taxpayers’ dime. The disgraceful move provides them with a theater, gym, swimming pool and lavish private suites at the massive expensive of $92,000 per day. Most native Swedes will never see the inside of a cruise liner. This is while Swedes go hungry and will never enjoy such accommodations. Elitists are attempting to not only redistribute wealth, but whole demographics to change the makeup politically of the planet so they can control people. Massive war, terrorism and bloodshed are coming because of this. People will fight back and the invaders may live to regret all of this. The global fight between Islam and everyone else is coming to America thanks to Obama and the Marxists.


Indeed. The people will fight back, especially in America, where armed society isn’t going to tolerate such poor behavior.

It’s videos like this that show us what we face as the Obama administration plans to bring hundreds of thousands of the same type of people here. As we’ve seen across Europe, with the importation of these people comes the same deeply disturbing cultural issues they face in their homeland since they’re both incapable and unwilling to assimilate into our societies.

All we can hope is that with the next election, we get a strong conservative in office who will put a stop to future plans of bringing these people here. Otherwise, we’ll be facing the exact same issues with violence, sexual assaults, and entitlement that Sweden and other nations are, and we’ll have no choice but to dispose of the problems as they arise.

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God Bless.


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