Muslim WELFARE LEECH Milks The System To Pay For 11 Kids… You Won’t Believe His PATHETIC Excuse


Some people legitimately need a little help in the form of welfare benefits from those of us that work hard and pay taxes. And some are just welfare leeches, plain and simple.

A Muslim man, Mohammed Salim, 58, who has been receiving benefits for 10 years is one of those leeches.

He admits that he has no intention of finding a job simply because he doesn’t have to. He receives 27,000 euros which is roughly $30,000 a year! Like I said, dude is a leech.


Salim and his wife, Noreen, have 11 children because he refuses to use ‘contraceptives’ line condoms, birth control pills etc.

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According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the 58-year-old Muslim said he doesn’t believe he has been irresponsible for having so many offspring. He says he has no regrets about having a large family, even though, in his words, ‘it is the government who pay for their upkeep, food and clothing’.


Well, if he doesn’t have to work to pay for them then I guess there wouldn’t be many regrets.

He says they are just following God’s first command, he said “go forth and multiply”,’ he told Channel 5’s On Benefits: 26 Kids And Claiming documentary.


He has certainly gone forth and multiplied, he just has someone else foot the bill.

Mohammed, whose family of 13 lives in a four-bedroom house and often travel by mini-bus, once worked as a teacher but has been on benefits for the last ten years. And he has no intention of finding a job because he makes more money by sitting on his a**.

He said despite his qualifications he can’t get work and any roles that are available pay less than what he currently gets in handouts.

“I have got qualifications and real work experience but it is the system. I have been forced onto the dole,” adding, “I am expected to do at least seven job applications a week. You are better off on the dole than working on a minimum wage.”

Now get this- Mohammed claims that he’s a “workaholic!” Bro, I am a workaholic and let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT A WORKAHOLIC! It might be difficult to comprehend but WORKAHOLICS FRICKING WORK! What a moron.

He admits that he bought his kids iPhones which means they have an unnecessary expense in the form of a phone bill.

He also admits that with 11 kids there are a lot of birthday celebrations to pay for as well as holidays that cost money to enjoy…

Does anyone see a problem here? This dude, like millions of others, are taking advantage of a system that was originally designed to help those that actually NEED some help! It’s not supposed to be a lifestyle. 

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