Muslim Women Sue For Discrimination… Restaurant Issues This EPIC Response


A California restaurant in Laguna Beach called ‘Urth Caffe’ is being sued by Muslims for discrimination and now the Urth Caffe is fighting back! 

Here’s what happened.

Urth Caffe policy limits diners to 45 minutes at high-demand tables during busy hours. Sara Farsakh and her friends — who were wearing Muslim headscarfs — were asked to leave their table, TheBlaze‘s Dave Urbanski reports.

Farsakh told KCBS-TV  she felt “embarrassed, outraged and shocked by the discrimination” and added the restaurant was half empty at the time.

“I truly believe had I been sitting there with my friends that were not wearing headscarfs, we would not have been asked to leave,” Farsakh added, noting other customers who witnessed the April 22 incident told her they’d been seated longer and weren’t asked to leave.


Image source: KCBS-TV

But after their lawsuit was filed, Urth Caffe indicated it planned on countersuing — and it has made good on that promise.

Attorney David Yerushalmi of the American Freedom Law Center, which represents Urth Caffe, told LawNewz the co-owner of the restaurant, Jilla Berkman, is Muslim and many of her customers are Muslim or Arab.

“This lawsuit claiming religious discrimination is a fraud and a hoax on the courts and the media,” Yershalmi told LawNewz in a statement. “It is nothing short of an abuse of process to extort public apologies and other accommodations from my client, Urth Caffe.”

Yerushalmi noted in a court document filed Wednesday that there was “an underlying agenda for this litigation that has nothing to do with justice,” LawNewz reported, adding that Yerushalmi characterized Farsakh as a college-aged activist who “self-promotes her involvement in radical organizations.”

But attorney Mohammad Tajsar, who represents the Muslim women, told LawNewz that the claim that his clients’ discrimination suit possesses an ulterior motive is “totally unsubstantiated.” Further, Tajsar told LawNewz that the incident occurred at a high-tension time in the area regarding Muslims and that Urth Caffe attempted to “appease the haters” by removing the Muslim women from an outdoor table.

Conservative Tribune adds that if accepted by the court, the argument that some discrimination cases could be considered abuse of process could turn future incidents into public relations nightmares for those who file them.

With more and more discrimination “trolls” attempting to find fortune and fame by pretending to be humiliated by a private business that didn’t properly react to their specific lifestyle, the outcome of this case could be more significantly impactful than it might first appear.

Laguna Beach is known for having a large LGBT population so what are those Muslims sitting at the restaurant for anyways? Checking out a potential spot for their next terror attack? It’s entirely possible.

God Bless.



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