Muslims Serve Desperate STARVING Mother TASTY Meal — Then, Tell Her What’s In It

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It seems the brutality of ISIS and radical Islam knows no bounds.  There is no one and nothing that is off limits.  In a recent interview with Politico, Vian Dakhil recounts horror after horror that Yazdi women and children are forced to endure at the hands of these monsters.

Dakhil recounted stories of serial rape and torture.  She spoke of one woman in particular forced to watch ISIS fighters rape her 9-year-old daughter repeatedly and simply left her to bleed to death.

Then Dakhil shared this horrific story that simply defies comprehension. A mother was separated from her sons – their ages 3 and 5. She continually demands to see her sons and as a result, they starved her for two days as punishment.


One of the mothers calls me … she said ‘for two days the ISIS doesn’t give me any food’ and they separated her children. One of them is 3 years and another is 5 years, after two days they give her rice with meat. After she’s eating, she tell her this is your boy — 3 years,” Dakhil said. “She tells me please, I can’t, I don’t know what can I do — I’m eating my son.”

Pictures posted online of Yazidi Iaqis killed by Isis

Yazidi Iaqis killed by Isis

Yet, it seems that Obama, Hillary, and their cohorts expect us to sympathize with that level of evil?  Men that would rape a 9-year-old girl to the point of death and serves mothers their children to eat? They refuse to use the word “terrorism” and attacks are increasing in frequency on American soil.  Yet, we are told to “not be alarmed.”

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I have a message for these animals as a mother.  If these animals come near my children?  I’ll shoot first and ask questions later.  If that’s radical?  So be it.


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