BREAKING: Muslims File FEDERAL LAWSUIT Against President Trump- Here’s What We Know


On Friday, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced by way of their website that they would be filing a federal lawsuit on behalf of over 20 individuals against President Trump’s temporary Muslim ban.  They have scheduled a news conference on Monday, January 30th to be live streamed on their Facebook page in their efforts to formally announce their intentions.

According to CAIR the basis of the lawsuit to be filed in the U.S. District Court – Eastern District of Virginia, is to challenge the constitutionality of the order because CAIR claims its purpose and underlying motive is to ban people of the Islamic faith from Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. If the United States is a sovereign nation – and we are – is it not our right to ban whom we see fit in an effort to protect our own citizenry?  Apparently not, according to CAIR and their supporters.


The ban went into effect on Friday evening and is a temporary measure slotted to last approximately 120 days against 7 countries with known ties to terrorism.

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CAIR is tweeting their version of Muslim propaganda designed to get the leftists all in a dither about the violations to their supposed rights, making claims that “Trump’s Immigration Executive Order is a Blueprint for Mass Deportation.”

When asked why they felt it necessary to file suit with regards to a TEMPORARY ban set to last a mere 120 days, CAIR’s attorneys made the following statements with regard to refugees –

CAIR National Litigation Director Lena F. Masri stated –

There is no evidence that refugees – the most thoroughly vetted of all people entering our nation – are a threat to national security. This is an order that is based on bigotry, not reality.”

This is a known lie.  FBI Director James Comey has stated that it is IMPOSSIBLE to thoroughly vet these ‘refugees’ and our own FBI and DHS have stated as such repeatedly.

Attorney Gadeir Abbas – Co-counsel on the lawsuit, stated – 

The courts must do what President Trump will not—ensure that our government refrains from segregating people based on their faith.

With the current rape and sexual assault epidemic running rampant through Europe as well as the upswing in terror attacks on American soil, President Donald Trump is doing his job and making his top priority as president is to protect American citizens and American interests.

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Attorney Shereef Akeel – Co-Counsel on lawsuit, stated – 

Our First Amendment is under attack. We, as attorneys, are foot soldiers of the American Constitution and took an oath to protect all from being targeted by the government because of their faith.

This so-called “Muslim-ban” is NOT an attack on the 1st Amendment.  We have no obligation to extend Constitutional rights and/or citizenship to refugees or migrants of any country, least of an Islamic nation using their political totalitarianism to masquerade as a religion and use our own laws against us, further exploiting our 1st amendment. Here they are again attempting to use our laws against us in their efforts to take over America and turn it into the totalitarian cesspools that they are supposedly fleeing in the first place.

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God Bless.

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