After Muslims VICIOUSLY Attack Police And Firefighters, HUNDREDS Of Patriots Get BRUTAL REVENGE

A gang of Muslim thugs ambushed police and firefighters in a Muslim “no-go zone” on Christmas eve which sparked outrage among the community who retaliated in an epic way.

Firefighters and police responded to Islamic riots in areas that Muslims have occupied which are extremely dangerous areas to go if you aren’t a jihad savage. Muslims celebrate their holy days be brutalizing non-believers and rioting- kind of like the black lives matters scumbags.

When citizens got word of the attacks, hundreds of patriots gathered at a city government building on the French island of Corsica to show support for the police and firefighters, the Telegraph reports.

Some of the angry citizens, who are fed up with these violent Muslims took it a step further by heading over to the area where the ambush took place and attacked a mosque, where they smashed the glass door and entered the ‘prayer room’, ransacking the property and burning Qurans in the street!


They shouted slogans in Corsican meaning “Arabs get out!” or “This is our home!”

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Hell  yeah!


The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) and its monitor of Islamophobia denounced the violence and pointed to the timing of the attack on Friday “on a day of prayer for both Muslims and Christians”.

This year Christmas fell just after the Muslim feast day commemorating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed.


Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, said the attack on the Muslim prayer hall showed signs of “racism and xenophobia”.

No, actually, in light of the terrorist attacks in Paris that took the lives of 130 innocent people I would say this is child’s play.

And what was the attack on the police and firefighters Frenchie? These people are savages. These people did the right thing.

Islam’s religious texts and their prophet openly encourage the complete annihilation of all other religions and laws. It is a violent ‘religion’ to say the least.

“The minarets are our bayonets, the domes our helmets, the mosques our barracks and the faithful our army,” fascist dictator Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared to his fellow Muslims.

Dom The Conservative at Mad World News writes:

This hate is constantly preached from the pulpits, as Allah commands that Muslims must fight with their wealth and lives until the only religion is Islam and the only law is Sharia. This not only requires unending war with non-Muslim countries, governments, and innocent civilians, but the treasonous overthrow from within.

Because the powerful countries of Europe and North America cannot be overtaken by outright war, Muslims must use hijrah, religious migration, as their prophet did 1,400 years ago.

After being chased out of Mecca for warmongering and intolerance, Muhammad fled to Medina, where he was welcomed as a refugee. Soon, the prophet built his Muslim army through migration and preaching. Before his death, he had beheaded, exiled, and forced every last civilian to convert to Islam or pay jizya and obey Sharia law.

We are witnessing the final throes of our dying democracy choking to death under the pressure of leftist ideals. Our tolerance is sheltering intolerance, our freedom is freeing traitors, and our generosity is funding our own destruction. If we do not stop the infiltration of this bigoted, oppressive ideology, we will find ourselves subject to it.

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