MUST SEE: Morbidly Obese Welfare Leech Has EBT Card Declined, Then She Does THIS [VID]

Here’s another wonderful story of one of Obama’s welfare leeches. This huge black lady tried to use her tax-payer funded money card (EBT) at a convenience store but the card was declined.

That’s when all hell broke loose! The lady went full psycho, waddling through the store like a wounded whale throwing food off the shelves and mumbling incomprehensible Ebonics phrases.


You can hear her telling the store clerk, “Call the police, call the police. Do y’all job,” and other things I can’t make out.

She threw an empty container of Cheetos at a man who was trying to calm her down.

A small crowd of people tried to stop her but it was an impossible task as the lady wasn’t about to stop with her tirade.

Finally a clerk decided enough is enough when he noticed the lady was heading for the candy bars. With the help from some patrons, they were able to get the lunatic out of the store.


Check out the crazy video!


Wow! This lady is insane!

It’s unclear if she was arrested but she sure as hell should be.

So that’s what happens when welfare leeches tap out their free money cards.

Simply unbelievable…

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