MUST SEE! New Christmas Jingles That Will Help YOU And Your Household Feel The Holiday Spirit! These Are HILARIOUS ??

We made it ladies and gentlemen! We survived almost a year under the Dementia Joe and his hoe regime! It hasn’t been easy, and a lot of us have lost loved ones along the way. Some because of petty politics, others of us have had loved ones pass on. To those of you who have suffered loss this year, we here at America’s Freedom Fighters want to offer our utmost condolences to you and your families.

As we move into the holiday season, we want to take time to reflect as we just did last week on the blessings we still have as a great nation and citizens of still the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH!

There truly is something magical about the holiday season that brings about raw emotions to everyone. Some people hate it because it brings great joy to others. Some hate it because they’re reminded of loss. In my world, we experienced great loss this year, but I was recently reminded by family that those who left us would want to decorate and celebrate this year just like they would have every year.

If you don’t feel like being festive yet, try giving to someone who has less than you. Those who are in need truly will be grateful and their genuine thankfulness will warm your cold icy heart.

Our gift to you comes from a growing media personality on TheBlaze out of Iowa known as Steve Deace. No we are not selling out to TheBlaze and Glenn Beck. We are taking their free content and sharing it for the sheer joy and humor they have created.

So sit back, relax, grab your favorite moose mug and fill it with some Kirkland’s eggnog as you turn on the new holiday tunes belted out from this mid western media personality.

YouTube video courtesy of The Steve Deace Show


Now don’t be a grinch or a scrooge, and make sure you share this out across all of your social media accounts and to all of your friends and families inboxes! This truly is the gift that keeps on giving this season as you will now be stuck singing these great holiday hits rebranded.

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God Bless.

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