MUST SEE: Obama’s Kenyan Brother Sells Revealing Letter Exposing Barack’s Real Agenda…



Barack Hussein Obama’s half-brother, Malik Abongo Obama, recently sold a letter Barack wrote to him 20 years ago that exposes Obama’s reasons for getting into politics, and it wasn’t about making America better for ALL Americans!

In the letter which sold for an undisclosed amount of money he reveals that he would be running for Illinois State Senate. But that’s not the interesting part.


Here’s an excerpt:

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As for me, I am very busy these days.  As you can see, the book is finished and in the bookstores, so I have been going to various bookstores to talk about the book.  In addition, some colleagues of mine here have talked me into running for the Illinois State Senate (like being an MP for a province, not the national United States Congress in D.C.).  I have agreed, since I have an interest in politics to deal with some of the serious issues blacks face here.  Of course, it involves a lot of campaigning, going to meetings and so on, which I don’t find so attractive.  Anyway, if I win it will only be a part-time post, and I will continue my work as a lawyer. (H/T Page Six News)


This letter confirms Obama’s real intents and goals. It’s all about the oppressed Black people. Whitey has dealt him such a horrible hand, my God! I am so fricking sorry for being white, bro. Here man, let me shine your fricking $5000 shoes- it’s the least I can do.

Or better yet, let me go pick some fricking cotton like you did… Oh, that’s right- you were born 100 years later. I thought all that was worked out but apparently it isn’t.


And, who are these ‘colleagues’ anyways? George Soros one of them? I did an article a while back on Obama’s stint as a community organizer in Chicago and let me tell you that the corruption was RAMPANT!

Okay. I got off track as I sometimes do lol.

Here’s a copy of the letter!


Letter image courtesy of Moments in Time

So how has Obama done in terms of helping the blacks? It seems like he has totally FAILED. He’s done far more for Muslims, Mexicans and Gays. This letter really reflects Obama’s presidency. Lazy and misguided with no interest in making America better for Americans.

In the past I have bitched about how much golf he played and how many vacations he and his ‘family’ took but after seeing what he has done to our country, I wish he has golfed and vacationed 24/7- the entire world would be much better off… 


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