MUST SEE: The Pope CAVED To MUSLIMS- Trashes Trump, America and CHRISTIANS And Does THIS


Donald Trump’s administration is responsible for promoting an “apocalyptic geopolitics” with roots similar to those of Islamist extremism, two allies of Pope Francis have said.

Writing in La Civilta Cattolica, the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Antonio Spadaro, and Marcelo Figueroa, the editor-in-chief of the Argentinian edition of the Vatican newspaper, accused Steve Bannon, the US President’s chief strategist, of being a “supporter of apocalyptic geopolitics” and claimed Mr Trump’s team promote an “evangelical fundamentalism” that twists Christian scripture to promote conflict and war.

The article slams conservative Christians in the U.S. as ignorant, theocratic, Manichean, war-mongering fanatics.

Both Mr Spadaro and Mr Figueroa are known to be close associates of the Argentinian pope. La Civilta Cattolica is vetted by the Vatican before being published, meaning the article would have had the approval of church authorities.

Steve Bannon, Spadaro suggests, is part of a dangerous “fringe group” of U.S. Christians who seek to bring about a theocratic Christian state, wiping away America’s healthy secularism, Breitbart reports.

The Jesuit priest is a friend and counselor of Pope Francis and drafted the essay with a Presbyterian minister, Marcelo Figueroa, another friend of the Pope, who was hand-picked by the pontiff as editor of the Argentinean edition of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano.

The article states that U.S. evangelicals and Catholics have engaged in “an ecumenism of conflict” that seeks to advance “a theocratic type of state.”

The authors claim that Bannon’s views are fueled by ideas from Calvinist Pastor Rousas John Rushdoony, the father of so-called “Christian reconstructionism,” and assert that Rushdoony had a great influence on Bannon’s “theopolitical vision of Christian fundamentalism.”

Independent reports that in the article, the authors accuse Mr Trump’s team of using a selective interpretation of the Bible to demonize “the migrants and the Muslims”.

“Within this narrative, whatever pushes toward conflict is not off limits”, they write.

“It does not take into account the bond between capital and profits and arms sales.

Quite the opposite, often war itself is assimilated to the heroic conquests of the ‘Lord of Hosts’ of Gideon and David. In this Manichaean vision, belligerence can acquire a theological justification and there are pastors who seek a biblical foundation for it, using the scriptural texts out of context.”

They say the belief that leaders should “submit the state to the Bible” is “no different from the one that inspires Islamic fundamentalism”.

“At heart, the narrative of terror shapes the worldviews of jihadists and the new crusaders and is imbibed from wells that are not too far apart,” the authors write.

“We must not forget that the theopolitics spread by Isis is based on the same cult of an apocalypse that needs to be brought about as soon as possible.”

The article is likely to deepen tensions between the White House and the Vatican.

In the sparsely documented essay, Spadaro makes no mention of where he came up with his odd theory that Bannon is a disciple of Pastor Rushdoony, a radical Calvinist who advocated the application of strict biblical law, including execution for adultery, blasphemy, homosexuality, witchcraft, and other sins.

Instead, in a footnote, the authors refer to an article in the Washington Post that in turn cites more essays denouncing Mr. Bannon, such as “Steve Bannon Believes The Apocalypse Is Coming And War Is Inevitable” (the HuffPost) and “Steve Bannon Wants to Start World War III” (the Nation). Again, no mention of Rushdoony.

Father Spadaro seems to share the views of Steve Bannon articulated by fellow Jesuit Father James Martin, who was recently tapped by Pope Francis as a consultor to the Vatican’s communications department.

Last February, Father Martin, who is the editor of the Jesuit-run America magazine, repeatedly insulted Bannon, throwing his support behind a fabricated story of a “war” between Pope Francis and Trump’s chief strategist.

On an MSNBC segment titled “Steve Bannon vs. the Pope,” Father Martin claimed that Bannon uses church teaching to promote “”

Martin also said that Bannon is a “radical traditionalist” who opposes Pope Francis’s reforms and pines “for a time when the Church was purer,” a theme picked up by Father Spadaro in his recent screed.

During last year’s US presidential campaign, Mr Trump called Pope Francis “disgraceful” for saying the Republican was “not a Christian” because of his plans to build a wall between the US and Mexico.

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian”, the Pope said.

Mr Trump responded: “For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful.

“No leader, especially a religious leader, has the right to question another man’s religion or faith”.

The pair have enjoyed a more cordial relationship since Mr Trump took office in January, and the Republican described meeting the Pope in May as the “honour of a lifetime”.

However, tensions re-emerged following the billionaire businessman’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement on climate change – a move strongly condemned by the Vatican.

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