MUST SEE: Trump/Cruz Go BALLISTIC On Obama At #StopIranDeal Rally… SPREAD THIS


Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are both fired up over the incompetence of Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal and they are on Capitol Hill in D.C. absolutely slamming everyone that supports the agreement, calling it an incompetently negotiated deal that will cost “countless” American and Israeli lives and should be discarded by the next president.

“We are led by very, very stupid people,” Trump said. “We cannot let it continue.” He called the deal “incompetent” and poised to fail in the fight against Islamic militants. “We will have so much winning if I get elected, that you may get bored with winning.”

Trump said the United States loses everywhere, and noted that the “U.S. can’t beat ISIS” and that our own veterans are being treated horribly.

If elected president, Trump pledged to turn the country around and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! He also said that Americans imprisoned in Iran would be back in the U.S. even before he takes office.

He referenced a new statement from what Obama refers to as “Iran’s supreme leader”, who said Israel will not survive the next 25 years and that Iran is done with the United States adding that there will be NO inspections.

Trump says that Iran is making the United States look like “fools,” and added that Israel won’t survive if the U.S. continues to have “incompetent leadership.” He’s right.

Here is a great clip of Trump at the rally courtesy of FoxNewsInsider.

Ted Cruz said supporters of Obama’s deal will have blood on their hands and even called out John ‘Rino’ Boehner and Mitch McConnell to do their job!

“You cannot wash your hands of that, any commander-in-chief worthy of defending this nation should be prepared to stand up on Jan. 20, 2017 and rip to shreds this catastrophic deal,” a fired up Cruz told the cheering crowd.

Fox News reports

Cruz recalled that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, led by Gen. Qassim Soleimani, sent IEDs into Iraq that ended up killing and wounding hundreds of American soldiers.

Cruz asked Democrats how they could approve lifting sanctions and handing over $100 billion to Soleimani.

“Tell me, if you’re a Democratic senator, how you look a mom in the eyes and say, ‘I voted to lift sanctions on the man who murdered your son when he was defending this nation,” he said.

The GOP presidential candidate warned that if the deal is approved, “we know to an absolute certainty people will die.”

“Americans will die. Israelis will die. Europeans will die,” said Cruz, questioning what Usama bin Laden could have done if he was given $100 billion.

He added that Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is a “theocratic, homicidal maniac who hates America every bit as much as bin Laden did.”

Here is a great clip of Cruz at the rally courtesy of FoxNewsInsider.

The agreement struck by Iran, the US, China, Russia, France, Britain and Germany in July, would provide Iran hundreds of billions of dollars in relief from international sanctions in exchange for a decade of constraints on the country’s nuclear program.

Look, you can’t trust Iran. And you can’t trust Obama-PERIOD…


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