Nancy Reagan Laid To Rest, And Liberals Have Utterly DISGUSTING Response

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Earlier today, the news of Nancy Reagan’s death rocked the nation and saddened the hearts of millions of people across the country who saw her as one of the classiest First Lady’s to ever grace the White House. While most every decent human being in America is mourning Reagan’s death, there’s some utterly stunning responses from liberals that you have to see to believe.

While vile, disgusting, abhorrent, putrid, childish, and every other negative adjective you can think of has come to be expected by our liberal counterparts, you would think that when an American icon dies they would withhold their antics at least long enough for the body to get to room temperature – but you’d be wrong. In fact, immediately following the sad news of Reagan’s passing, Twitter erupted with some of the most awful messages you could imagine.

Check out a few below:

Nancy Reagan Dead At 94, And Liberals Have Utterly STUNNING Response

Nancy Reagan Dead At 94, And Liberals Have Utterly STUNNING Response

Nancy Reagan Dead At 94, And Liberals Have Utterly STUNNING Response

Yeah. It really is that bad in our nation that these idiots actually think their behavior isn’t only acceptable, but worthy of showing to millions of people in public.

Absolutely disgusting.

Oh, and if you think the liberal media was any better, think again. I especially like this obituary from the New York Times, who rather than celebrate the many great things Nancy Reagan did throughout her life, instead focused on her husband’s career and even went as far as to devote a good portion to the Iran Contra scandal.

Again, absolutely disgusting.

So while the rest of us mourn the death of a great conservative and patriot, we can all sit back and watch in disgust at the pleasure that mentally ill liberals are deriving from her passing.


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