BREAKING: Nancy Sinatra Demands MILLIONS Of NRA Members Be EXECUTED

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In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, liberals across the country have lost their collective minds over guns.

Some have flat out misrepresented the weapons used in the shooting so they can push a political agenda, while others have simply come unglued and blamed all gun owners for the tragic actions of a single man. However, perhaps none has been as bad as that from Nancy Sinatra, daughter of the one and only Frank Sinatra.

Nancy must have been reading Hillary Clinton’s timeline on Twitter, because she seems very confused about what the cause of the massacre was. If you remember, Hillary tweeted that people must “stand up to the NRA” before the bodies of the victims had even bled out all the way, and her fellow leftists followed suit.

Now, Nancy is jumping on the bandwagon after tweeting out that “murderous” NRA members should face a “firing squad” because they’re passionate about their inalienable rights.

Check it out:

Of course, Nancy is a proud member of the “Resistance,” so it’s really no surprise that she’s acting so irresponsibly. However, that doesn’t excuse her demented demand that people be put to death simply for the fact they don’t want their own rights taken away over incidents they can’t control.

Regardless, as the country tries to find unity after such a tragic event, the comments from people like Nancy and Hillary only serve to divide us further.

Meanwhile, they’ll both be the first to say that we all need to come together for the “greater good,” which in their minds means we must agree with them or apparently be put to death.

How nice.

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