Liberalism is continuing to spread like the disease it is and Nashville is falling victim.  With Mayor Megan Berry’s attempts to turn Nashville into a sanctuary city as well as it becoming a refugee haven, in the leftist mentality, it seems logical that she would attempt to strip the citizenry of their rights to defend themselves as well.

Criminal homicides in Nashville rose to 84 in 2016, marking the highest number of killings in the city since 97 people died in 2005.  As a result, Berry is working with Metro Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson, local clergy, and Nashville Crime Stoppers to hold a Gift Cards for Guns event on Saturday, November 4, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., at Greater Revelations Missionary Baptist Church, 1027 12th Avenue North, just off Jefferson Street.


Now anyone that just looks to Chicago or New York City will tell you that gun control does not work. You cannot reason with crazy and criminals do not follow laws.  Yet here the leadership in Nashville is attempting to convince the citizenry to turn over their means of self-protection for a few gift cards.  MNPD is promising each Davidson County resident or family unit that turns in any REAL gun(s) at the event will receive a $50 MAPCO gift card for the purchase of gasoline as well as a $25 gift card to Kroger to purchase a Thanksgiving turkey, ham, or other elements of a family holiday meal.  There is a limit of 1 MAPCO card & 1 Kroger card per person/family unit and the promise is no questions will be asked of those surrendering firearms.


Chief Anderson states of the upcoming event and his reason for hosting such –

“We are asking all parents and guardians of juveniles, particularly teenagers, to seriously ask themselves whether there is an unwanted firearm in the home that could potentially be carried unlawfully by a teen. There may also be situations where a person wants to get an unwanted gun out of the house but did not know how to do so responsibly.  This Gift Cards for Guns event affords that opportunity.      

As the holiday season quickly approaches, it is especially important that we take the time to think about our loved ones, especially children, and whether there are things we can do to help keep them safe.  An unwanted gun brought in during the Gift Cards for Guns event is one less firearm that could fall into the wrong hands.”

This actually marks the 6th time Berry and the MNPD have worked in conjunction to let citizens have their firearms confiscated voluntarily. A cumulative total of 460 firearms have been voluntarily confiscated since these Gift Cards for Guns events started.

I could buy some gift cards and I would be perfectly willing to trade these folks for their firearms if that is what they want to do. I am baffled at the willingness of some people to sign up for their very own chains, abdicating their own responsibility to defend themselves and those that depend on them to the police in a situation where seconds matter and the police are likely minutes away.

Of the 84 criminal homicide victims in 2016, 12 of the victims were teenagers or younger.  Two of them were infants that were killed as a result of abuse.  73 were male and all but 33 were persons of color.  The youngest victim was a 14-year-old boy.

Not including the victims of abuse, it seems to be gun safety and education may be of greater need than taking firearms away altogether.  Teach children how to handle a firearm if they come across one just as you would teach a child to handle any tool and respect it.  Most parents do not allow their child to run around with steak knives or to put metal objects into wall sockets – why should a firearm be any different? Perhaps with education, some of those lives would be saved. Perhaps offering community firearms safety courses would be a better answer.

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