BREAKING: Nationalist Groups Vowing Revenge On Illegal Alien Murderer In Kate Steinle Case


Nationalist groups have set up a memorial for Kate Steinle near Pier 14 in San Francisco where she was shot by illegal alien Jose Zarate, ending her life.

Zarate was found “not guilty” in a shocking decision that infuriated Americans across the country.  One group known as Identity Evropa decorated the memorial with flowers and candles, leaving behind messages reading “Build the Wall” or “Kate’s Wall” and vowing that Steinle’s death “will be avenged.”


The group posted about the memorial on their Twitter account early Friday morning.  The post calls for a boycott of the city of San Francisco and saying the acquittal was “an indictment of not only San Francisco but our country overall.”

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“The acquittal of her murderer – a man who should have never stepped foot in America, to begin with – is an indictment of not only San Francisco, but our country overall,” tweeted Identity Evropa.



Local mainstream media outlets are working overtime in attempting to paint Kate Steinle’s family and supporters of immigration reform on behalf of her senseless death as Nazis and supporters of the so-called alt right or white nationalist movement.


They are making much ado about the group’s vows of revenge on behalf of Kate Steinle making sure to point out that the group formed in March 2016 was identified by the Anti-Defamation League as a white supremacy group.

They do not stop to consider the unjust verdict levied against an illegal alien – a 7-time felon previously deported on five separate occasions was free because of San Francisco’s willful disregard of federal immigration policy.

Those in opposition to the Trump administration and in opposition to the enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws know they are wrong in the case of Kate Steinle.  Yet they must discredit however, they can find it. Its founder is Nathan Damingo, who grew up in San Jose, and is best known for punching a female Antifa protester in the face. While we may not agree with white nationalism, we can definitely agree that this verdict is a travesty on all counts and that justice was in no way served.

President Trump himself was highly critical of the verdict with a statement from the White House stating –

“Had San Francisco enforced our nation’s immigration laws, the Steinle family would be celebrating this holiday with all of their loved ones.”

I think that sentiment is echoed by many Americans across the nation as support for the Steinle family and this senseless tragedy continues.  President Trump took to Twitter to express his utter disgust with the travesty of so-called “justice” levied by the San Fransisco courts, calling the verdict “disgraceful.”


Zarate is back in court on December 14th. That is when his sentencing date will be announced. Steinle’s father, Jim, told the San Francisco Chronicle that “justice was rendered, but it was not served.”

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