BREAKING: NBC Reporter SLAMS US Military, Says The UNTHINKABLE During National Anthem- PATRIOTS PISSED!


NBC Sports announcer and official liberal scumbag Craig Calcaterra has a epic liberal social media meltdown as only a liberal can do going on a rant about how the American  flag is now “political” and it should  be “kept out of sports.”

Ummm WHAT?

When exactly did the love of one’s country  or respect for the American flag become “politics?” Displays of the American flag, the singing of the National Anthem, and salutes to the military before the start of many sporting events is quite common and there no political element involved. It is simply a patriotic symbol and a nod to the men and women who wear the uniform, ready to fight when called upon to do so.
Remember when both the right AND the left at least pretended to care about America?
Truly proving that liberalism is indeed a disease and the left does indeed hate America, apparently, even the flag offends their delicate sensibilities!Many patriots have and rightfully should be calling this liberal idiot out on his nonsense, explaining to him that ” there was a time when love for country wasn’t considered political and a lot of people would like to return to that time.”

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Apparently, according to Craig the flag and love of one’s country cannot mean a general love of country but instead implies a blind support of its leaders and policies.  It seems these liberal sportscasters just don’t get it.  And NBC sure doesn’t get it!

Freedom is NOT by any means free and it should not be some sort of bragging point for any of us to say “Oh, I don’t get involved in politics! as though that somehow makes you cleaner or above it all.


No, what it makes you is derelict of duty in a republic.  Liars and panders in a government would have a much more difficult time if so many people did not insist on their rights to remain ignorant and so blindly agreeable by staying “out of politics” like Craig Calcaterra here.

How many have served and paid the ultimate price so Craig can express such ignorance on social media?

Go to hell you pile of liberal trash.

God Bless.


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