BOMBSHELL: Vegas Shooter’s Neighbor Says He Was ‘SET UP’ [Video]

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There’s still more questions than answers surrounding the man who opened fire on a crowd of innocent people in Las Vegas on Sunday, and what his neighbor had to say is only going to help fuel speculation.

A man named Rick, who’s a former Marine and says he and the shooter, Stephen Paddock, lived next to one another for a time between December 2015 and June 2016, called into the Michael Savage radio show and explained that he doesn’t think Paddock was capable of such a heinous act. Rick lived near Paddock in Mesquite, NV, and he says the two would go to the local bar to play slots together often.

“I can tell you 100% this is not that kind of guy,” Rick said.

“He never even told me he owned a gun,” he added, before explaining that he didn’t ever hear Paddock discuss any religious or political views, echoing Paddock’s brother.

“I’m not a big conspiracy theory guy, but it don’t sit right,” said Rick, right before he made the bombshell claim that he believes Paddock was “set up.”

Rick also told Savage he believes that Paddock’s body may have been left in the hotel room by whoever actually carried out the horrific assault. In other words, he believes that Paddock was a patsy for someone else, which he suggested was proven by the fact people in the crowd were warned they were “going to die” just 45 minutes prior to the shooting breaking out.

Rick, who’s a firearms expert, said he found it suspicious there wasn’t any muzzle flashes coming from the room authorities say Paddock was shooting from. He also told Savage that he contacted the sheriffs to relay whatever information he had about the incident.

While it’s interesting to hear Rick’s perspective, don’t forget that just about everyone who knew a suspect in a mass shooting says similar things; they never expected it from them. However, with there being no specific motive determined by police, and information about Paddock being next to impossible to find, Rick’s commentary is certain to fuel the conspiracy fires already raging around Sunday’s massacre.

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in this senseless tragedy.



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