BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Neil Gorsuch Just SLAMMED Trump In Front Of The World- Here’s Why He’s ALL SMILES



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Gorsuch Just Did Trump A Huge Favor — Don’t Get Played

President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill the very big shoes of the late, great Justice Antonin Scalia.  Almost immediately, liberals began attacking Gorsuch on everything from his appearance to the random clubs he attended as a college student — some decades ago.  Now, just days later, Gorsuch (and I suspect President Trump) figured out a way to mute all criticism lobbed in his direction: publicly rebuke Trump.  By doing so, he all but assured his seat on the bench.

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Now, my fellow Americans, I am going to ask you to approach this from the perspective of both the President and the man that wants to be confirmed — I suspect you will start to see the field for what it is after a closer inspection.  Sooner or later, Neil Gorsuch was going to have to comment on the President’s handling of the 9th Circuit’s interference in the now infamous Travel Ban.  There’s no avoiding it.  A Democrat Senator was  going to take the opportunity to ask Gorsuch about his thoughts on the matter during the Senate review of his character, it’s what anyone would do.


Now, what’s more favorable for Trump and Gorsuch:

Is it more favorable to give a Democrat a win by being the catalyst that get’s Trump’s own nominee to rebuke him?  


Or is it more favorable for Trump and Gorsuch to quietly agree on a strongly worded admonition? 


The fact is, without Gorsuch confirming that he believes in an independent Judiciary, there isn’t a single Senator among the 100 that would vote their assent of his nomination.  Sooner or later he was going to need to speak up about what happened.  He cannot side with Trump on this issue even if he agrees with him.  Doing so would make him far too easy to frame as a captured entity — a puppet to do Trump’s bidding.  By rebuking Trump, Gorsuch is able to look any Senator in the eye and laugh at any attempt they make to frame him as unqualified.  

That’s not what he is. If they ask him how he felt about Trump’s statement he can calmly tell them that he already made a strongly worded reply.  This is robbing a painful arms-reach win from the Democrats at the cost of a very small loss for Trump.  He has enough gilded rooms for his pride to recover in. He will be fine. 

I strongly suspect that Trump was well aware the statement was coming and is comfortable with it.  He is a strategist.  A strategist must sometime cut off an arm to save the body.  A small slight from a great judge is a small price to pay for control of all three branches of government.

Let the liberals enjoy this moment.  Per usual, they can’t see the forest for the trees. 

When they hand us the Supreme Court the smug smiles will be worth it.


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This article was written by Brett MacDonald, a political commentator, and an Eisenhower Republican. As an initial supporter of the New Right,  MacDonald covers US Policy from a Nationalist’s perspective and is dedicated to making America great again. 

Compliments or questions may be sent to @ TweetBrettMac. on Twitter or emailed to Brett.MacDonald@Aff.News.

God Bless.

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