BREAKING: 2 Days Before Inauguration, Netanyahu Makes MASSIVE Move Obama Can’t IGNORE


Well, Netanyahu is a man of action and he has just announced that Israel is beginning the process to defund the United Nations.  This is as a result of the December 23 vote where the U.N. slapped Israel in the face with the passing of a resolution that will forever live in infamy.

The basis of this international incident was not merely the act of declaring the Western Wall as Palestinian territory, and undermining the most basic spiritual tenets of Jerusalem as the holy site the Israelis want to be the capital of Israel. It was the way it transpired.


The United States has always been Israel’s biggest ally, but instead of stepping up to the plate?  The U.S. chose to abstain, all the while behind closed doors the U.S. under the leadership of the Obama regime’s John Kerry facilitated the appearance of the resolution in the first place. Talk about your two-faced, back stabbers!  Apparently, the U.N. has arbitrarily decided that with ALL of the problems in the world and in the Middle East, in particular, the largest and most pressing security threat is Israel and its very right to exist as a sovereign nation with Jerusalem as its capitol. In other words, in the estimation of the U.N. Israel represents a threat to world peace, international security, and goodwill among all human beings across the world over.


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Consider if you will, if Israel were a state in the USA, it would be the 5th smallest state in the union, just slightly larger than New Jersey.  In comparison to the U.S., Israel is minuscule, fitting into the state of Florida almost 8 times over.



Essentially, what that tells us is that the U.N. is attempting to bully a country not much larger than South Florida or New Jersey. In so doing, the U.N. is demanding that it give up more of its territory and more of its identity ALL in the name of world peace.


While dozens of countries across the globe commit massive human rights violations, human trafficking violations, and labor law violations, every day but the U.N. doesn’t deem that worthy of notice.  For the United Nations to presume it is some moral mission to sanctimoniously free the world from Israel’s oppression is laughable.

Israel currently gives the U.N. about $40 million annually. Of those monies allocated to the U. N. Israel has now voted to defund the first $6 million. In equivalence, this is the same amount of money required by the United Nations to fund four committees that it currently finances and supports in order to facilitate the resolution of important Palestinian issues.

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This is precisely how the withdrawal of funds was framed by Netanyahu as he announced the first stage of defunding. According to the The Times of Israel: “The cut to Israel’s $40 million annual contribution to the United Nations represented the portion of the UN budget allocated to four committees on Palestinian issues…”

The significance of this move is virtually unparalleled in contemporary history. Israel is standing up to the United Nations. That tiny, little country that is smaller than 45 states of the USA, is essentially cutting off the United Nations.  This is something that the U.S. should have done long ago.  Israeli logic dictates – why should an organization that denies our validity be ultimately allowed to seek our destruction with our own money? Israel is also cutting all diplomatic relations with the countries who supported the resolution. Along these lines, New Zealand and Senegal have already received notice, and Israel’s ambassadors to those two countries have been recalled.

The strategy is to equate Israeli funds with Palestinian and international benefits, and to send a message: it’s time to stop the madness, and when Trump takes over, a new day will dawn for the state of Israel, the USA, and the United Nations, as well nations that think their top priority should be the annihilation of Israel.

h/t – Conservative Daily Post

God Bless.

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