BREAKING: Netanyahu Makes HUGE Announcement After UN Vote… Leaves Obama FURIOUS

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Israel is still reeling from the United Nations backstabbing they received, courtesy of the United States of America, who abstained from a resolution vote that labeled Israeli buildings in the West Bank as “illegal,” instead of stopping it with a veto.

Now, Israel is fighting back, suspending “working ties” with the countries that voted for the resolution.

As of Monday morning, Israel suspended “working ties” with 12 nations that voted for a United Nations resolution condemning settlements.

This news follows Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s vow to exact a “diplomatic and economic price” from the countries on the UN Security Council that passed the resolution, 14-0.

Those countries included Britain, France, Russia, China, Japan and Spain, though the impact is currently unknown.

This follows a push by many Americans to leave and defund the United Nations itself following Obama’s veto of the resolution.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has likened Obama’s veto to a “war” against the key ally in the Middle East.

Gingrich went on to say –

“President-elect Trump must prepare a comprehensive offensive for Jan. 29 to undo the damage to Israel the Obama team is inflicting.

“Congress should pass resolutions January 3-4 condemning Obama attacks on Israel and demanding he not participate in French or (U.N. Security Council) attacks.”

Trump himself condemns the United Nations stating –

President-elect Trump has himself vowed that “things will be different” at the UN once he’s inaugurated.

According to PJ Media

The Israeli government says that the Obama administration actively pushed for the adoption of the UN resolution condemning Israel on December 23, a claim that the Obama White House unconvincingly denies. On Fox News’ “America’s News HQ” Sunday, a spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the United States of pulling the strings in last week’s developments at the UN Security Council.

“We have rather ironclad information from sources in both the Arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the United States and in fact they helped create the resolution in the first place,” Netanyahu spokesman David Keyes said. According to Fox News, “Netanyahu made similar claims during a meeting with cabinet ministers.”

White House spokesman Eric Schultz, though, issued a statement Sunday defending President Obama’s support for Israel and stressing that the U.S. did not draft the resolution.

“The US did not draft this resolution nor did the US introduce this resolution,” he said. “The Egyptians, in partnership with the Palestinians, are the ones who began circulating an earlier draft of the resolution. The Egyptians are the ones who moved it forward on Friday. And we took the position that we did when it was put to a vote.”

It seems Netanyahu believes he has evidence that ties the United States and the Obama regime to the creation of this resolution in the first place. Color me NOT surprised! January 20, 2017, can NOT get here soon enough!



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