BREAKING: New Bill Introduced That Will DESTROY America And The GOP- This Is Really Important

Smart people often make smart points, and Manhattan Institute Thomas W. Smith Fellow, Heather Mac Donald, made one on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program Monday night.

She said these two left-wing talking points cannot be simultaneously true: ‘America is systemically racist’ and ‘We must allow millions of third-world immigrants of color to come to America.’


Her point being simply that if Democratic leftists believe America is racist beyond repair, it makes no sense to fashion policies so that millions more non-whites will be enticed to become Americans.

So which is it? Neither, really.

Democratic leftists don’t believe in America as it was founded anyway, so their dueling points about racism and immigration are moot.

In fact, they seek to use mass migration as a means of changing America away from its founding — for good. And if they get to punish white Trump supporters at the same time, much he better.


All that is coming, by the way, as The Daily Caller reports:

The Biden administration and Democrats in Congress will unveil an immigration reform bill later this week that is expected to include a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants, NBC News reported.

The ‘U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021’ will include the immigration commitments that Biden released when he first took office, according to NBC News. The president’s proposal provides a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants, expands the refugee resettlement program and adds unspecified new technology to the US-Mexico southern border.

Additional protections are reportedly being considered in the bill, including increased benefits for DREAMers and dismantling the public charge rule, which limits immigration opportunities for those on government assistance.

The Biden administration is also considering splitting the bill into separate pieces to boost its survivability in Congress, NBC News reported. In that case, lawmakers would first pass bills immediately legalizing farmworkers and Dreamers.Democratic New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez will lead the legislation through the Senate, while California Rep. Linda Sánchez will push it in the House.

‘This plan is not only about fixing our broken immigration system, but building a better one that reunites families, brings the undocumented community out of the shadows and on a path to citizenship, stands up for human rights, addresses root causes of migration, and includes a smart border security strategy,’ Menendez said in a statement to NBC News.

‘From our Dreamers, to the service workers and farmers pulling us through this pandemic, there are too many relying on this reform for us to fail,’ Sánchez told the outlet.

BS and BS. Donald Trump proved our immigration system wasn’t ‘broken,’ just under-enforced.

Let’s call this left-wing legislation what it is: It’s the ‘Dilute America With Third-World Poor Act’ aimed at diluting and then destroying conservative, traditional America while replacing it with tens of millions of needy serfs who will be obedient to their Democratic Marxist masters.

This article was originally published by Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel.

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