New Black Panther Leaders Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison For Plotting Major Bomb Attack On #Ferguson Police Dept…



Can I get an Amen? Two useless, filthy, racist Black Panther leaders will spend years behind bars for planning to bomb public buildings in Ferguson including the Ferguson Police Station. Enjoy your cages you violent piles of excrement.

These violent degenerates fortunately ran out of money on their EBT CARDS! LMAO! These losers are the epitome of complete and total failures. Now they will be with stinking, angry and violent men for a long time. Y’all should have decided to get jobs and make something of yourselves and now you get what you deserve. You are nothing but scumbags.


Nice head dress you filthy a hole! Go back to your sand dunes.

The two St. Louis thugs were ordered to spend seven years in federal prison for planning a foiled bomb attack targeting the Ferguson police chief, the county’s prosecutor and other officials after last year’s police shooting death of Michael Brown.

The sentences for Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 24, and Olajuwon Davis, 23 – identified by federal agents as New Black Panther Party members – mirrored those agreed upon by the men when they pleaded guilty in June to four felony counts, including conspiring to use explosives and making false written statements while buying firearms.

These are extremely dangerous times with these angry blacks killing cops, killing whites and it needs to end. I’ve said it time and time again that you people need to get a grip and lose the chip on your shoulders. You are being played by the left. You HAVE EVERYTHING available to make your lives absolutely wonderful. It’s your choice.

But if you do decide to blow sh*t up and your only source of income is an EBT card then you might want to check your available funds you worthless morons.


(H/T Gateway Pundit)

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