BREAKING: Experts Warn Surge Of New COVID-19 Outbreak Is HERE- Fauci Is…


Here we go again.


Just as we begin to attempt to get our lives back to some sort of normalcy, which is basically impossible with Biden and the COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS and our weaponized DOJ, FBI and all of the other leftist bastards destroying America including the leftwing/government controlled media and social media outlets we are now being warned that there is a freaking surge in COVID-19 cases breaking out across America.

This is insane.


This news comes as new information has revealed that taxpayers are indeed financing Dr. Fauci’s extensive security measures and high-class transportation.


Detailed documentation from the U.S. Marshals showed the agency provided Fauci with round-the-clock security and limousine services.

Typically, such comprehensive benefits are reserved for the President, Vice President, and their immediate families.

This raises pressing questions regarding why the same privileges are extended to Dr. Fauci, a retired health official.

THAT is insane given the fact that Fauci was behind this entire freaking pandemic.

That little munchkin belongs behind bars.

Okay, here’s the latest report from our brother Mac Slavo at SHTFPLAN:

According to media reports, the United States has entered another COVID-19 “surge.”

Wastewater levels, emergency room visits for COVID-19, and test positivity rates are all on the rise across much of the country.

Between June 24 and July 12, the Biobot wastewater tracker showed a 46 percent increase nationally, concentrated in the South and on the coasts, according to the World Socialist Web Site

The fear-mongering is still high and according to one infectious disease modeler, these wastewater levels translate to roughly 280,000 Americans presently being infected with COVID-19 each day and rising.

Fierce Healthcare reported that data from two preprint studies offer some inkling of what challenges the latest COVID-19 variant brings.

In the last two weeks, BF.7 has doubled its incidence in the United States from 0.8% to 1.7%.

The largest growth has been in the Northeast, where the incidence is now over 3%, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

BF.7 (also known as BA.2.75.2) began as a subvariant of B.5, which is a subvariant of omicron B.1.1.529.

So, it started as a sub-subvariant but has grown so rapidly that the CDC placed it in its own category.

Two preprint studies, one from Sweden and the other from China, conclude that BF.7 can escape the antibodies from vaccines or previous infection better than the many other subvariants of omicron (BA.2, BA.3, BA.4, as well as BA.5).

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The studies were first reported in The New York Times.

Chinese researchers note that the “evolution of Omicron has led to numerous subvariants that exhibit growth advantage over BA.5. Such rapid and simultaneous emergence of variants with enormous advantages is unprecedented…. The driving force and destination of such convergent evolution and its impact on humoral immunity established by vaccination and infection remain unclear.” –Fierce Healthcare

There is another vaccine push going on right now as well, so it’s possible the ruling class and its puppets in the mainstream media are making the “variants” out to be much worse than they really are.

GOD I miss the good old days.

Today EVERYTHING is completely out of control.

It’s complete insanity non stop.

As it sits, it’s basically impossible to live a normal life anymore.

This has GOT to change.


Pray for America and make your voices heard!


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