BREAKING: Man Who Distributed Contents Of Hunter Biden’s Infamous Laptop Just FLED To THIS Country After Finding “450 GIGABYTES Of Deleted Material” BIDEN FREAKING

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Whistleblower Says 450 Gigabytes of DELETED Material from Hunter’s Laptop Will Be Released Soon-Biden In PANIC Mode!


Crackhead Hunter Biden. The son of the fraudulently elected president who has suddenly turned into a COMMUNIST PILE OF DEMENTED GARBAGE.

Hunter is a scumbag crack addict and a proven criminal who is ‘under investigation’ (yeah right) by the DOJ.

Biden’s DOJ. Convenient isn’t it?


Look we all know that President Trump won the election but even if he was in The White House the chances are that Hunter would never be convicted of a damn thing are slim at best.

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Unfortunately our premier Law Enforcement has been compromised.

And there is now way in hell that Merrick Garland will investigate Hunter or Joe- it’s not going to happen.


These elites are corrupt as all hell and are protected by the DEEP STATE.


One of the whistleblowers who provided copies of the Hunter Biden laptop to several elected officials and major news outlets in early 2021 claims that he has recovered ‘450 gigabytes of deleted material’ from the laptop that was previously unknown, including 80,000 images and videos and more than 120,000 archived emails, according to an exclusive report by the Daily Mail.

This new information contains rock solid proof that Joe Biden has been paid millions of dollars from China as well as a ton of other information- enough to impeach the demented criminal and be charged with treason.

All we need are Republicans to aggressively conduct hearings and get the job done. Will they? The RINO’s won’t but we have some fresh blood coming in the mid terms and we are counting on them to attack. Enough talk-LET’S GET THIS DONE!



Amber Crawford at 100 Percent FED Up: reports that Jack Maxey, the man responsible for distributing the contents of Hunter Biden‘s laptop to congressmen and media outlets, has fled the country for fear of retaliation from the Biden administration.

Maxey, former co-host of the podcast Bannon’s War Room, reportedly got a copy of the laptop’s contents from Rudy Guiliani.

Now in Zurich, Switzerland, Maxey has been working with IT experts for the past two weeks to recover the deleted material from Hunter’s laptop. Maxey says he plans to release the recovered material to an online database in the coming weeks.

Believing he is in danger while in the United States, Maxey fled to Switzerland where he is now carrying out a “forensic examination of Hunter’s laptop safely in a country that still respects human liberty and the ideals of liberal democratic principles.”

“I do not believe this would have been possible inside the United States,” Maxey said. “We had numerous attempts on us from trying to do things like this there.”

After contacting news outlets about the laptop content he had acquired, Maxey claimed to notice black suburban SUVs outside his home. He also had some former US intelligence contacts informing him that he may be in danger. Reportedly, in 2020, a former intelligence agency senior staffer warned him, “If you don’t release enough of this so that they know you can release all of it, I’m telling you, brother, you’re a dead man.”

After receiving this tip, he began posting emails and other files from Hunter’s laptop online. However, the links were taken down within the hour.

Aside from the country’s political neutrality, Switzerland seemed to be a prime location for Maxey because the only sharing site that didn’t take down the Biden laptop files was Swiss Transfer.

Maxey believes that, since the FBI and media sat on the information contained within the laptop for so long, Donald Trump, Democratic candidates, and the American people were all “utterly betrayed.”

“The FBI had this on the ninth of December 2019,” he said. “I suppose the first person betrayed was a sitting US president in an impeachment hearing when the FBI had the exculpatory evidence in their hands to have that end instantly, and they did nothing.”

‘The second group of people to be betrayed were all of the Democratic candidates in the spring primaries that year,” Maxey continued. “The American people were utterly betrayed, because I guarantee you that Joe Biden couldn’t run for dog catcher if the American people knew about this laptop.”

Also, according to Maxey, it was not only the FBI, but also our nation’s news outlets that failed us by not releasing this information. He gave copies to the Washington Post, the New York Times, and even Fox News – all of which failed to publish the material until recently.

“If you have an honest press, who are willing to report the bad stories, and uncover the corruption, then we as voters are more informed about. who we should have in elected office. And they failed us miserably,” said Maxey.

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H/T The Daily Mail

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God Bless.

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