Part 1: New “Conservative” Social Media Network Called “CloutHub” Is Fully Censoring It’s Users And We Have The Proof [PICS]



Back in October of 2020, we were banned from Facebook because some Antifa clown from the guardian wrote a total smear piece about us and our pages.


Moving foward, we have been looking for alternative social media to pick up and build a following on for you all to be able to follow us on. We found some sites that were more active than others.


The first site we had the most success with was Parler. They took off thanks to big names like Bongino and other Conservatives pushing it out in their daily talk shows.


Then big tech and government decided Parler was too big. They blamed them solely for the events of January 6 in the capital. We all know that wasn’t true, but of course the left doesn’t operate on facts. They just emote and say stuff that causes other lefties to react and ruin lives, and businesses. So Parler went offline and still down today.


Another platform we tried interaction with was CloutHub. CloutHub promises they’re the real deal to free speech. They promise they’re not selling your data. They claim to want all ideas and conversations about daily politics to happen.

Well, that’s complete bullsh*t.

Due to the law I can’t print out the back and forth E-mails we had but I can say that they were absolutely full of lies and garbage.

This platform is NOT a form of free speech by any stretch of the imagination.

Besides falsely claiming the are a free speech platform the site is riddled with problems that a kindergartener could fix.

Basically the site is complete garbage

We gave them ample opportunities to reverse their decision but they gave us the run around blaming glitches etc.

The responses were rude and show that they really have no idea of what they are doing.

We highly recommend SPREELYWeGoGabCodias, Mumblit and Vomvos as opposed to CloutDirt.

This was written on the night that we got censored:

Last night however, CloutHub decided they want to be the arbiters of truth and what’s real or fake news. They also decided there’s no need for any decorum, or even a possibility that their terms of service might not be clear enough.

Last night, they decided to block me, and everyone here from posting any news we wrote up. We did set up a closed group like their terms of services encourages. They on the other hand  decided our news wasn’t worthy of their platform.


The other disturbing piece that came out of this entire ordeal last night was their owner decided to go sheriff and completely forgot what being a business owner means. Their terms of service are clear if you violate their rules, you will get an email from their team in regards to what you did and how to prevent it from happening again. One of our team members never received an email, instead they got this rude, and threatening message in their inbox from the site owner!

My fellow patriots, most of you have been with us for a very long time. You know we bring you the news with no spin. We’re not here selling you stuff, we’re here to inform you on the topics we feel are worth talking about. The topics we know the lame stream media will intentionally lie to us all about.

Our question then shifts to, why is a social media company trying to dictate what is news worthy of their readers, and what isn’t? CloutHub has numerous groups, profiles, and channels dedicated to other alternative news sites like us here.

We wish we could say that this was the end of it, but the head honcho decided to make a bombastic post in an effort to defame us and our posts on his site as well!

Social media heads have no business determining what is appropriate news.

My fellow patriots, I’ve combed through Clouthub’s terms of service numerous times in the last 12 hours. They say nothing about your news links meeting any sort of “standards.” Or being approved by their benevolent leader. No where is the term “click bait” defined by any sort of their rules posted.

Here’s Another screenshot of the President of Americas Freedom Fighters being officially BANNED!


My question for all of you at this point is why use a social media company that wants your business and to draw you away from places like Facebook, Twitter, and others, but is going to act like them in terms of making up rules from thin air? Social media companies have no business in determining worthy news vs. ‘click bait.’ They have no business fact checking news organizations. These are all decisions that you the reader should make on your own by choosing to scroll past, or click on said article.

It is your right to join this b-rate site but we highly recommend looking elsewhere where there is no censorship.

We Are On The Sites Below And Each One Is Linked To Our Profiles, Check Them Out, They Will Not Censor You Like Mr. Jeff Brain Of CloutHub.


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Sick of the censorship and election meddling?

Then join us at SPREELYWeGoGabCodias, Mumblit and Vomvos!

It’s time to enjoy social media again… without the filthy Communist censorship!

God Bless.

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