New Details Emerge From Brother Of Florida Airport TERRORIST… Obama In PANIC MODE


More information is being released on the Ft. Lauderdale Airport killer who slaughtered 5 people and wounded 8 others.

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He said he was being forced to watch ISIS videos…


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He reportedly has a girlfriend and a young child back in Alaska.

Here is the weapon that the killer used.



In 2011 or 2012, he was investigated by Homeland Security Investigations for child porn.

He was a member of the Alaska Nat’l Guard until Aug. 2016, when he received general discharge for “unsatisfactory performance.”

Back in November 2016, Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, 26, reportedly walked into an FBI office in Anchorage claiming that he was being forced to fight for ISIS. He was sent to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation.

What happened? Apparently the FBI thought he was fine or were afraid of the Obama repercussions on actually doing a thorough investigation for fear of offending a MUSLIM scumbag.

His aunt, Maria Ruiz Rivera said that her nephew has “lost his mind” ever since he was deployed to Iraq during his military service.

Santiago served in the National Guard in Puerto Rico for six years and served in Iraq for about a year in either 2009 or 2010, Rivera said. When he returned from the Middle East, he was hospitalized for mental problems in Puerto Rico, where he was born, she said.

Her husband, Hernan Rivera, agreed that Santiago was not mentally sound and said the motive behind his attack was unclear.

“No idea. Only thing I could tell you was when he came out of Iraq, he wasn’t feeling too good,” he said.

While the motive remains under investigation, both federal and family sources said Santiago had some mental health issues.

Federal law enforcement officials told NBC News that Santiago was undergoing treatment for mental health problems, complaining that he was hearing voices.

Two of Esteban’s siblings are in Florida and another two are in Puerto Rico, Ruiz said. One of his brothers, who was in Naples on vacation at the time of the shooting, had been a police officer in Puerto Rico for about 20 years. Ruiz said she was able to reach him quickly over the phone on Friday.

“He is in a state of desperation,” Ruiz said of the brother in Naples. “We’ve been trying to communicate with what we have back and forth, and he said, ‘Ti ti, I will call you at night because I think I may need to go over there.”

Ruiz said that while Esteban’s father died while he was in Iraq. When he returned to Puerto Rico, he studied but struggled to find a job. He then moved to Alaska for work opportunities.

“I know that right now he was working in security [in Alaska],” she said in Spanish. “But about two months ago, he was in the hospital.”

“Something got to him,” she said. “It looks like he lost his mind. He would say that he would see things. I don’t know. So he went to the hospital. That’s what I know. That’s what the mother told me, who lives in Puerto Rico.”

His brother, Bryan Santinago told NBC News that Esteban was “fighting with a lot of people” during his time in Alaska, saying he was having relationship issues and arguing with his girlfriend and others. The girlfriend told Bryan that his brother was “receiving psychological counseling in Anchorage.”

Esteban did have a handgun, his brother said.

Bryan said he could not imagine his brother committing the crime, and speculated that perhaps he had a “flashback” from his military experience, although he said there was no PTSD diagnosis or other post-Iraq issues.

Bryan said he had not heard from Esteban for several weeks, which is unusual, and that the family was worried about him.

“He is a regular person, spiritual, a good person,” he said.

Again, this is all the result of electing a Muslim president who has fueled the fire with his pro-Muslim agenda, his anti-American agenda and has been extremely successful in causing total chaos in America and around the world- all by design and as ordered by the Global Order…

We warned you- leftists didn’t listen and now we have the result. Death and carnage.

We have to turn this insanity around and we need to do it RIGHT NOW.

May God bless those who were mercilessly murdered by this Islamist savage.

h/t Daily Mail

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